HTC One (2014) to be a Verizon Wireless exclusive at launch [RUMOR]


Verizon HTC One 2014 promo box

Hold the phone. Remember that leak hinting that HTC could be planning for a same-day announcement/launch of the all new HTC One (2014) for Verizon Wireless? Well, it get’s better worse.

According to sources from our friends at HTC Sourceit’s being said that Verizon will have a 2-week exclusive on HTC’s latest flagship before it’s available from other carriers. Probably not the news most of you wanted to hear unless you’re a Verizon Wireless subscriber, but we assume HTC did what they had to do to pay the bills.

Really, 2-weeks isn’t that long, especially when you consider most devices don’t launch until at least a few weeks after they’ve been announced anyway. Verizon Wireless just gets it sooner, that’s all.

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  1. Nooo!

    1. I kinda had the same response but then I realized the Google play edition probably won’t be out for 6-8 weeks anyways so it probably doesn’t matter for me.

      1. *get phone*
        *run slightly buggy stock ROM while waiting for GPE*
        *Google Play Edition comes out*
        *Get’s Google Play Edition ROM*
        *Changes phone to practically being a clone of GPE*
        *Problem Solved*

        There’s nothing stopping you from getting the phone earlier. LoL!!

        1. Other then I want an official Google play edition. I don’t wanna go through all the hassle of rooting and porting roms every time an upgrade hits. I’m already going a bit off my nexus limb for the new HTC one. I’m not gonna go that far off.

          1. If you convert your One into a GPE edition, its a GPE edition with official updates.

            The conversion involves changing your device identifiers into those of a GPE device which makes it function exactly the same as a GPE device.

  2. Two weeks.Even I can wait two weeks.
    Besides,it’s a good way for us non-VZW users to try one out & have a bit of a cooling-off period before you decide to buy.Ditto for the GS5 working demos @ BEST BUY (where available).Great for all the KRAQDROIDS such as myself……

  3. I REALLY need a new phone…I hope this is the case. My Galaxy Nexus is on its last leg…

    1. Mine too. This thing is an absolute piece of junk. Luckily/unlucky for me, I am on Verizon and will be picking this beauty up on Tuesday.

    2. Damn son! Respect, I’d have sold meth long ago to upgrade from that phone.

  4. The Verizon Wireless Facebook page has a post confirming they will be selling it on Tuesday.

    1. Ughhh… Well its not like I was planning on picking it up right on the 25th so I don’t mind the wait.

    2. They can have it,I already ordered GS5 and the Gear 2 on Sprint.

      1. Foolish!! Did you not read about the Moto 360!?

    3. Thanks for letting us know. Yea, just saw the post too.. at 1PM EDT on the 25th.

  5. Can’t believe there’s good news for big red lol. Well come next week… My pockets am cry.

  6. And that`s why HTC can`t keep with their competitors like Samsung. The release should goes on all the carriers if HTC wants to make it handset fly out to everyone.
    Not everyone happy with VZW anyway not because of their network, just the way they`re.

    1. Samsung has released phones to different carriers at different times as well.. i the the verizon gs3 came out about a month after the sprint one.

      1. I think that was on Verizon not Samsung. The big red treats devices oh so special than other carriers.

        1. yes, i’m just saying the gs3 rolled out to all 4 carriers… but it did so on a roll out basis, each carrier got it a different week… i’m just saying you can’t say HTC is doomed to not succeed because one carrier gets first dibs at the device even if all carriers will get the device before the gs5 comes out.

  7. Can’t wait for this to drop… It’ll be nice.

  8. Hahaha, HTC can even get away from themselves, they just cant win, the got to get rid off the CEO, they figure that since they are not doing so good selling on all carrier selling on just one will sell better ah! scratching my head right now! htc keep on making bad decision after an other they better change their way of thinking or they be gone within a year.

    1. Did you even read the article? Verizon will get it on the 25th after its announced. Other carriers will get it 2 weeks later. We’ve already seen the AT&T, and Tmobile verisons– among other non big 4 carriers.

      Apologize and I wont downvote you.

      ( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮

      1. Delays in release doesn’t bother me as much as exclusive storage options to one carrier only like what At&t did with the One’s largest storage option.

      2. I will be saving this to my sticky notes.

      3. Moises1204’s grammar errors already resulted in a downvote for him from me.

  9. Every Verizon exclusive hTC phone never sold well… I thought hTC can learn from their past mistake.. but I guess not.

    1. its not a verizon exclusive htc phone though, just an exclusive release date

      1. Exclusive is still exclusive and I don’t care for how long. I really hope hTC releases the Dev Edition like the OG One so I can get one unlocked :)

        1. Yes!! Be my 1st batch guinea pig. LoL!! You never buy the 1st batch. That’s what I learned.

    2. This is totally true, so long as we ignore the Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, Thunderbolt, and Rezound (all Verizon exclusives that sold very well). Sure, the TB was a disaster when it came to bugs, support, and updates, but it was still a big seller.

      1. I didn’t think any phone you listed sold well.

        1. Absolutely.

          The Droid Eris was a big-seller due to timing. At the time, Verizon needed an answer to the iPhone, and millions of sales went to the first two VZW alternatives; the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris (the Droid being the bigger seller).

          The Incredible was pretty much a rock-star for Verizon. It finished 2010 behind only the Evo 4G, Droid X, and iPhone in total domestic sales.

          The Thunderbolt was the first domestic LTE phone. It sold in droves based on that virtue alone.

          The Rezound was the first major device after the HTC/Beats acquisition.

          Of course, the last two were total busts in many minds (especially the Thunderbolt), and those high volumes of sales turned into high volumes of disgruntled users who avoided HTC on their next upgrades, such as the Incredible 4G (a good phone in its own right) and the Droid DNA.

  10. AT&T already has a contest to win one so try again! http://www.androidauthority.com/new-htc-one-att-giveaway-360254/

    1. 1) Read the link. It doesn’t say when you get the device.
      2) If ATT managed to get 5 devices for launch doesn’t mean VZW doens’t have a 2 week exclusive

      1. Could be, honestly I read this as just exclusive, not two weeks. My bad.

  11. Not cool

  12. Does anyone else see the problem in the fact that VZW possibly has a 2 week exclusivity on a handset when they showed little to no interest in the predecessor?? Screw VZW!!

  13. It’s not that big of a deal. Geesh, people calm down. I’m sure HTC had no plans of making it available on the same day they announce the device, but Verizon came in and probably paid them a few million dollars to have some available on launch day and HTC said sure. Phone will be out in 2 weeks like most are after a announcement, also I heard AT&T has the same deal. So possibly Verizon and AT&T will have them on Tuesday.

    1. I didn’t say it was a big deal, learn to read. I was just making the point that VZW didn’t even care about the last One, and now they most likely paid extra to get a period of exclusivity on this year’s model

      1. No need to be so defensive, I’m sure Hot’s comment was directed at you specifically. In regards to what you said previously, yes, it’s annoying that Verizon would try something like this, but that’s how the business world works…however unfortunate it may be.

  14. Bad move, htc. You’ve deterred so many customers who no arent willing to wait any longer. Might even increase s5 sales lol

    1. I read the article, it’s not that long of a wait. Heck, it’s a paycheck away. LoL!!

      1. exactly

    2. LMAO it’s ONLY 2 WEEKS! You sound like a little baby.

  15. *read title*
    *doesn’t care to read article*
    comments first*


    *Dos Equis*
    *Not drinking*

    *goes back to read article*
    *hopes this stays a rumor*
    *not getting the phone because I’m getting a new vehicle*
    *possibly talks to much*
    *not drinking*

  16. I wish these carriers could think of something better to do to get customers than to make all these “exclusive” agreements. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve never switched carriers because an “exclusive” phone.

    1. Some people would, but for 2 weeks exclusive is just a way to piss people who are on other carriers off. Oh well, HTC is going to get a fat check if this rumor is true.

  17. That’s okay.
    That will not help them win me over as a customer.

  18. exclusive for how long? 1 day?

  19. Now to wait and see what the Nexus 6 will be… Then I can make a decision.

  20. Two weeks is nothing. HTC fans who really want the phone may not want to wait, but will. I don’t think two weeks is going to make anyone jump ship from their current carrier and hop over to big red.

  21. I just called my Verizon store and the confirmed it will be available tomorrow!!! Swear to God. U can call Em yourself. Verizon wireless Bloomingdale Illinois.

  22. Was going to get the new One but after this I will get the S5. Screw this.

    1. Can you say… Buyers Remorse?

    2. Really? You aren’t going to get the phone you want, which you will use for years, because you have to wait 2 weeks? Whatever.

  23. There will probably be an update to the software within 2 weeks to fix bugs that pop up anyways. It’s no biggie.

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