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The internet is in an uproar after Turkey has blocked its citizens from accessing Twitter in the lead up to elections. The decision was handed down by the country’s courts after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan threatened during a campaign speech to “wipe out” the social network.

Without wading too deeply into the geopolitical mire, the Turkish governments attack on Twitter stems from an ongoing political scandal involving Erdogan. Twitter has become a primary platform for the opposition to voice concerns of corruption at the highest levels of authority, including the publication of corroborating documents, in the days before Turkey’s next election.

The Twitter ban has seen #TwitterisblockedinTurkey move up the worldwide trending charts, while Twitter itself has encouraged Turkish users to continue tweeting via SMS, a method the government apparently cannot regulate. While authorities say they have no plans to go after other platforms like Facebook and Google+, the Turkish government led by Erdogan has a long history of beefing with social media. Erdogan threatened only weeks ago to ban Facebook and YouTube.

It is unknown if Turkey plans to ease its ban following elections or if the decision is more or less indefinite. The move to block the popular social platform certainly won’t do wonders for the world’s view on Erdogan and his cabinet.

[via Reuters]

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  1. Yay Islam!

    Someday religion will go away. It’s only a matter of time.

    1. I think you’re right but it will take a very very long time in my opinion. Kind of related:

    2. “Yay, fundamentalism!”

      It comes in all kinds of shapes in every faith. It’s not exclusive to Islam. Remember Arizona and the law that was thankfully recently vetoed by the governor. Remember our extremely conservative politicians right here in America trying to pass laws based on their skewed Christian views.

      Fundamentalism doesn’t belong to one faith. Also, political corruption isn’t exclusive to Turkey.

    3. It already is in North Korea.

      1. The personality cult of the Kim family isn’t a religion?

        1. Nobody worships Kim. They fear him because he has no respect for human life.

          1. How do know that? Have you been to North Korea?

          2. That’s true. They are believed to tell lies to their people to make north Korea sound like the greatest place in the world and that every other country is terrible. It’s all propaganda

    4. Yes, when the human race goes extinct religion will disappear. Religion serves too many useful purposes to go away on its own before then.

  2. Democracy!

    1. Democracy without constitutional rights leads to tyranny

      1. Democracy with constitutional rights will also lead to tyranny. In the US we are a Republic, not Democratic state like most think. Even our Republic has slowly been taken over by tyrants.

  3. What do we have to do to get Twitter blocked in the US, too? :)

    1. Hehe, that’s like a parent’s question. I like it. :p

    2. Say something bad about the NSA…

    3. Don’t worry, our government is working on it. Next time we see SOPA it will be buried in the back of a budget bill, in between the nullification of the 2nd and 4th ammendment.

  4. the reason it’s been blocked because of there are some videos on Twitter whose they’re against to the Turkish law. government asked from Twitter to remove them many times but Twitter just ignoring and still keep doing the same thing by saying you can tweet over text messages etc. and also there are too many fake tapes and videos on Twitter were shared by some specific people who want to make Turkey a country like Ukraine.

    1. Mr. Erdogan, is that you?

      You sound like his supporters. Turkish citizens were not sharing fake tapes nor were they trying to “turn Turkey into the Ukraine”.

      The prime minister is angry that people used Twitter to spread allegations of corruption in his inner circle. Politicians like him and Putin hate and fear social media because it gives citizens power. Social media gives them a larger voice. It helps organize the masses against political oppression.

      That’s why Twitter is being blocked. That’s why.

      *edit* I see this is your first comment on your account that you clearly created simply to defend a clearly corrupt leader. Might as well call yourself the Syrian Electronic Army.

      1. yes i’m defending him and there is nothing wrong with that. it’s same as you hate him. LIVE LONG ERDOGAN.

        1. Brilliant. Your clearly delusional. It’s not a lie that he’s attacking freedom of speech in Turkey. It’s not a lie that he’s threatened by social media and the opposition on the ground in Turkey. He’s a coward.

        2. Further proof people love to be on the wrong side of history.

          1. mind your own business. leave Turkey to Turks. how much you know about Turkey? if Europe blame to Erdoğan, that means he’s doing the right thing and also that 15 year old boy was a member of an illegal organization. he’s throwing iron balls and stones to Turkish police with his face covered. Turkish is now being an independent country and this annoying you like Russia annoys you because you can’t interfere them.

          2. I hope you have more opportunities to truly inform yourself with facts and not repeat the rhetoric from your PM. I know it may not be your fault that your so ill-informed. My sympathies. It reminds me of all those poor people in North Korea who don’t know any better.

            Inform yourself. Seek FACTS. Don’t rely on what your PM is telling you on TV.

          3. Turkey has never really been a true democracy and has a long history of violating the rights of its minority. Why was the Greek Orthodox seminary in Halki closed because they would not allow the government to control their curriculum? And speak of delusional, why has Turkey never acknowledged the genocide of two million Armenians?

          4. You’re not a Turk, you’re just a pathetic lickspittle. In every political thing you call yourself as a son of ottoman but when you come to robbing country you suddenly become religious dipshit and a pure fucking nationalist.

            Fucking single digit IQ retard.

          5. stop insulting you fuckin idiot f..ggot. we are Ottoman and I’m proud of it! at least I say who I’m supporting, who are you? you fuckin snake. you just poison people on foreign forums and complaining about Turkey. get lost you fuckin turd.!

          6. You’re the one who supports and licks the ass of who is robbing my country. You can gtfo to hell dipshit.

          7. It’s tragic.

      2. this show how Turkish people support’s taken few days ago in the city which is the heart of main opposition party. you all liars.

        1. Photoshop or wrong photo. We know that the candidate shared a photo from earlier protests against Tayyip and lied that they are from the rally. And his daughter shared photos from another country again lying that they are from the rally.

          1. hahaha. you’re such a liar. just Google it or YouTube it yourself. Erdoğan İzmir mitingi. it’s about 200000 people there.

    2. Here we see a pathetic scum who spreads lies like there is no tomorrow.

      Twitter is not blocked by just because of a few videos (fake or not) it is blocked because a twitter user who knows every dirty little secret about severely corrupted government and they cannot deny anything he claims. They’ve used “videos” as an excuse for what they are doing thats all.

      There is no such thing like “fake tapes” in those youtube videos, most of them have consistent recording which you’re not going to find it in “fake” tapes.

      Please stop spreading blatant lies and stop supporting current government who is robbing every last one of us.

      They’ve stolen 86 billion fucking euros from Turkish citizens. Enough is enough.

      1. Also, it’s pretty pathetic for the prime minister to accuse a dead 15 year old boy of having terrorism links.

      2. you are a pathetic scum and liar. you’re a just ridiculous. twitter blocke because of an illegal organization whose got 25 billion dollar income illegally and been listening politicians, businessmen and threaten them, get unearned income over it.current PM didn’t accept their requests and so they spreading fake tapes on twitter.IN TURKEY YOU CAN’T LISTEN TO PM. they changed his his conversations on the phone, made fake ones. SO IT IS ILLEGAL IN TURKEY. twitter have to remove them but they just ignore.coz nobody wants a powerful Turkey. but the same twitter had removed 350.000 tweets about antisemitism in France 2 years ago.

        Turkey is living the stongest times in last 80 years and 50% of people support the current goverment. stop being a traitor.

        1. There are clearly many in Turkey that want a more transparent government. When you block social media outlets like Twitter and you restrict your citizens from communicating that’s not an example of transparency.

          That’s a clear example of trying to hide something. Transparency is a vital tool in combating corruption.

    3. No, it’s blocked because Turkey is a 3rd World, backwards nation. It’s the EU equivalent of rural Kentucky. Fortunately for the few who are educated, getting around this joke of a “ban” is trivial.

      So try again, Jethro.

  5. Which Jive Turkey blocked Twatter? Oh… the country.

  6. This is another clear example of what a powerful tool social media can be for social justice. Yeah we use things like Twitter for a lot of nonsense but you can clearly see how threatened corrupt politicians are by social media.

  7. This is pathetic and everyone knows it. 1) now there are more than ever tweets coming from Turkey because people know how to circumvent the ban 2) Even people from his own political party and the president (formerly from his party) are tweeting.

  8. I’m not trying to be rude, but I seriously thought this is a bird joke….>_<


    The Turkish government blocked access to Twitter by requiring local ISPs to change the DNS entries so that could no longer be reached. As soon as the method of blocking access was discovered, a campaign started to spread the word that it could be circumvented by changing network settings to use Google’s DNS servers at and

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