AT&T kicks off new ad campaign featuring a quirky pair of network engineers [VIDEOS]


With Leap Wireless now officially under their belt, the nation’s #2 largest wireless network is getting back to business, officially kicking off a new ad campaign debuting yesterday across the country. The new ads are a departure from what we’ve been seeing from competitors like T-Mobile, who haven’t exactly been shy about attacking the competition. This time around, AT&T is taking the more subdued/funny approach with the “Network Guys,” letting the country know about the progress they’re making with their network (talking about small cells and distributed antenna systems), without getting too technical. You can check out AT&T’s first 2 commercials below.

It wasn’t too long ago AT&T was airing their “It’s not complicated” ads, showcasing an AT&T spokesman talking with kids in their classroom. The commercials would later become the focus of zany T-Mobile CEO John Legere who, during press briefings, would poke fun at the ads (even recreating the ads with a set filled with creepy dolls instead of real children). Here’s the ad spots we’re talking about. After you watch, tell us if you like the direction AT&T is going with their new ads, or if they shoulda stuck with the cute kiddies.

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  1. Well the Indian guy in the first one is adorable. But I really liked those kids in the “it’s not complicated” ads, in fact I loved them despite me loathing AT&T as a company with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns.

    1. Check out the Amazon show Betas the Indian guy stars in it…..

      1. Oh really? Sweet I’ll have to check it out, thanks. :)

    2. The other guy, the one with the beard & glasses, is Jim Conroy. He’s a voice actor, most notably known as the voice of Ruff Ruffman. He’s done all sorts of work, voice as well as acting. I went to high school with Jim. He’s always been the funny guy who made up voices and various characters to entertain everyone. Such a cool guy.

  2. Is there a link available for more info on the T-Mobile press briefing parody with dolls/puppets?

    1. They live streamed it a few months back, but here’s a live blog from The Verge showing the creepy dolls:

  3. I’m sorry, but AT&T isn’t known for their cell phone service. Those ads w/ the guy & the kids are hilarious. It’s not like the kids are trying to be funny (because they say the darnedest? things); plus that guy keeps a straight face all the way through. That’s about the only thing going for AT&T. These new commercials are not funny, at all.

  4. Ya ummm I’m not too sure bout the new commercials. I mean as much as I lothe AT&T or VZW(customer) for their misleading marketing campains, those kids were just downright adorable & cute.

    1. Those kids were just adorable.

      1. Too cute & almost makes you forget it’s an AT&T commercial. I’m gonna miss those cute faces & amusing responses lol.

    2. Those kids were pretty awesome. maybe they ran out of material for them.

      1. That one wouldn’t surprise me but I’m sure it’s more about a shift to their “Network Improvements” to mirror VZW’s marketing.

  5. Reminds me of “can you hear me now? Good!”

  6. The second video happens to me on a weekly basis.

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