Mar 13th, 2014

The uncarrier has done it again, folks. On the company’s 1-year anniversary since launching their 4G LTE network, Magenta has announced plans to bring everyone still on 2G/EDGE up to 4G LTE. T-Mobile says 50% of the upgrades will be completed by year’s end, while the project should be “substantially complete” by the middle of 2015.


More than that, T-Mobile is also expecting to begin work on loading up their new 700MHz A-block spectrum with 4G LTE once their acquisition of the spectrum is complete. T-Mobile’s work on catching up with the big boys has been impressive enough, with the company able to get 210 million customers in over 270 markets lit up with the super fast data in under a year.

T-Mobile’s also looking to “fight back” against claims that their network isn’t up to par with the big boys. They’ve announced a new marketing campaign that will serve to educate customers on just how strong their network is.


They specifically called out Verizon’s catchy, humorous ads of asking street-walking consumers what they thought each coverage map of competing carriers looked like. Answers in those ads range from “it looks like a duck” to “some sort of finger painting,” before those customers eventually come to Verizon’s coverage map and confidently point out that it’s a map of the United States.

T-Mobile has boldly requested a cease and desist from Verizon, but not before letting loose their own ad that began running on TV last night. You can view that ad in the YouTube embed above.

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