Google Wallet update brings package tracking and notifications


Google Wallet out for delivery package tracking

Despite the obvious convenience, there are still a good amount of people in the world that still avoid shopping for goods online. One of the big reasons? The stress and uncertainty that comes with online ordering. Never knowing where in the world your package is, where it’s headed, or when it’s going to arrive — it’s simply not a good time for everyone.

Google is looking to take away some of the frustrations that come with online shopping, by introducing Orders, coming soon to your Google Wallet app. With Orders, Google Wallet will automatically track online orders (by finding receipts sent through Gmail), sending notifications about your package’s status, as well as view past orders. Not only will this help make people’s lives less worrisome, but it’ll bring a little more traffic to Google’s Wallet application.

If you’re living in the US and rocking an Android device with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above, expect an update to your Google Wallet app this week. Everyone else… Guess there’s always Google Now?

Download/update on Google Play: Google Wallet

[Google Commerce]

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  1. Is this the same as Google Now, or is this with purchases only made with your Google Wallet account?

    1. Pretty much the same as Google Now (although it rarely worked for me on Google Now). It’s pulling the tracking numbers from Gmail.

  2. I use Slice. It works much better than Google Now and isn’t restricted to Gmail notifications.

  3. :D

  4. Only works for primary email signed up with wallet, which for me is not the email I use when buying from Amazon and stuff :(

  5. Google Now works just fine for me, I disabled the Wallet app from non use. I think I’ve only had an issue with purchasing from Groupon and some other store in which it couldn’t pull the tracking successfully. But my endless Amazon purchases all get tracked effortlessly, I love it.

  6. Google Now has been delaying order updates recently, sometimes for weeks. Now I see why: they’re pulling a key feature out of an established product to revive stillborn one, Wallet.

    Wallet blows. Slower than credit cards, without detailed receipts or anything else that could have set it apart from other payment solutions, and then Google even killed the online payments portion of the product. Total loser. And now they want to track my orders through it? Ain’t gonna work.

    By the way, Google, restore SD card support in stock Android, or it’s time to reconsider iOS.

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