Angry Birds Epic flips the script with a turn-based RPG (who saw that coming?)


Angry Birds Epic featured

Can’t say we saw this coming (or did we?). Often criticized for beating a dead horse with the same tired gameplay that made them famous, we had a good feeling Rovio was planning to introduce something a bit different for their upcoming Angry Birds sequel.

Angry Birds Epic screenshot

After spotting the feathered fowl donning medieval attire in a recent teaser video, it’s now confirmed that the next Angry Birds title — officially revealed as Angry Birds Epic — will feature turn-based combat in the vein of RPG greats like Final Fantasy. It looks like Rovio will make crafting weapons and items a big focus of Epic’s gameplay, making it obvious to see how they plan on monetizing the game, with resources that can be purchased with either in-game currency or real money.

The game is set to soft launch this week in Australia and Canada, leaving the rest of the world left licking their lips. I mean, c’mon, you guys. That screeshot doesn’t look hella cool to anyone else? No word on when we can expect a global rollout, but let’s hope we wont have to wait for too much longer.


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  1. Interesting, this might actually get installed on my device ;) But like Go I am guessing it will be completely destroyed by IAPs…

    1. I didn’t touch Go because of the IAP’s and I won’t touch this one if it’s the same. It’s such a shame that games have been ruined like this.

      1. It really is, I don’t know anyone personally that puts money into them either but apparently their are enough of those idiots around to make it a valid business motto.

        1. I use to gladly pay upwards of $7 for a game, but now I don’t even install free games with IAP’s, because they end up being a waste of time near the later stages of the game, unless you drop significant money to “level up”.

    2. Never got around to playing much of Go!. Were the IAPs really that bad? I thought it would just be used for like nitrous or other boosts?

      1. Hah, nah they were pretty horrid. It was fun and possible to get to the third world, albeit with a TON of grinding to get to the third. But to get the the forth it would have taken playing the same races some 1,000+ times to grind the in game money needed to buy a car to compete in the fourth world. I do not mind playing the game but the same track got pretty old after 100 or so and I was no where near able to afford the next car.

    3. Took me a few seconds to realise you meant in-app purchases (at least that’s what I believe you mean). I agree. Freemium games make any multiplayer aspect unbalanced since someone can just buy his/her way to the top with gear, upgrades etc. Also means the game is less fun overall for people who don’t have money to waste.

      1. This is what I’m afraid of as well. The game looks cool. I’m willing to throw in some money for in-app purchases, but not more than $10. If after that I haven’t advanced any where, them Ima be sad.

        I love RPG’s, but if the RPG isn’t a straight buyout, they’re usually filled with in-app purchases. =.[

  2. I’m in! Looks cool

  3. I hear they were going to call it Angry Birds Saga until the Candy Crush people caught wind of it.

    1. Honestly, would have made a lot more sense but yeah, something tells me the wouldn’t have taken too kindly to it. Lol

      1. Aren’t developers really stretching the meaning of infringement? If the RIAA or MPAA were this bad we’d have run out of words for movie & song titles decades ago. Lucas would’ve had to make “Sun Wars” or some crap because Roddenberry got to “Star” first.

  4. Still milking it.

    1. Who cares? If it works.

  5. Flips the script? What script? Sorry bro… dated useless saying :

    1. Suck it facecake.

      1. I just love how that worked.

      2. lol

  6. Ever since angry birds came out for android it kept getting crappy , it’s like android and google ruin things

    1. So… which part of Angry Birds did Google code?

  7. I am intrigued by the idea, but I just have zero desire for 30 seconds of gameplay followed by 30 seconds of ads forced all over the screen and IAP nagged throughout.

    Sorry Rovio, I no longer have any desire to touch anything you make, even if the underlying games are cool.

  8. I’m not too sure about this one.

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