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Evernote’s released a pretty nice upgrade for Android today, bringing us features that some of our iOS friend have been enjoying in Evernote’s newly-acquired Penultimate app for quite some time now. It’s a handwriting feature that integrates with the Evernote experience as seamlessly as you’d expect it to.

You can use a finger or capactive stylus to take hand-written notes, and said notes can be combined with any other type of note (including those with text, audio and images). You’ll be able to move from writing to typing and back quickly and easily, with a tap of the pen icon putting you in and out of the new mode. And these notes will be searchable (you know, just as long as your penmanship is a hair above chicken scratch).

Other improvements include some nice changes to the editor, including the ability to highlight notes, duplicate them, and create note links so you can reference other notes and easily jump to them.

They’ve also “virtually eliminated” the camera speed lag as it’s now twice as fast at snapping photos as before. Short of the typical bug fixes and performance enhancements, there’s not much else to be said. It’s in Google Play Store for free, so go ahead and grab it as soon as possible.

[via Evernote]

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