Mar 4th, 2014

OnePlus AMA March 5th

Reddit AMAs (ask me anything) seem to be the latest grassroots marketing technique OEMs are employing as a way to reach out to their fan base and new customers alike. It was only a few weeks ago we saw HTC USA throw one, and now we have up and coming smartphone maker OnePlus jumping on the Reddit bandwagon.

OnePlus took to their Google+ page to announced that they’ll be throwing their AMA in the r/Android subreddit tomorrow tonight, March 4th, at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT. An Android OEM without any actual product to show off, OnePlus is hoping that by answering questions directly from Android fans, you’ll learn about not only what makes the company tick, but how they hope to differentiate themselves from the Samsungs, LGs, and Apples of the world.

OnePlus vs the world

As a quick recap, OnePlus is a new startup company from ex-Oppo exec Pete Lau. They’ve been hyping up their upcoming smartphone which is said to launch later this year and feature high-end specs — all priced at under $400 unlocked and off-contract. Those are pretty big words considering the only phone to currently hold that title is the Nexus 5 or even the Moto X — 2 devices manufactured by OEMs with a vastly larger amounts of resources at their disposal.

Should be good, but if you aren’t able to attend, don’t worry. We’ll be following along closely, bringing you anything noteworthy from the AMA. Anything you’re dying to know about OnePlus?


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