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Yesterday, we told you about Nokia’s app store being ported to any Android device running version 4.1.2 or higher. That particular development wasn’t quite that exciting considering the app store doesn’t offer anything unique that the Google Play Store doesn’t already offer, but the first bit of the real goods we’ve been waiting for have finally arrived.

Some of Nokia’s applications have been ported over to devices with Android 4.1.2 or higher. Many of them don’t require anything but a simple APK installation, though you will need to root for at least one of these. Here’s the list:

  • Nokia X Launcher (requires custom recovery and/or root): This is the simple tile-based home-screen that Nokia X users use to access most of their apps.
  • Nokia Email (no root required): Pretty simple email client. Probably based on stock AOSP.
  • Nokia Music (no root required): Don’t look now, but this looks like the stock music player from Android 2.1. It actually looks a lot better on the Nokia X, though that’s because the app pulls directly from Nokia’s framework for the graphics and other resources. Needless to say, you’ll probably want to steer clear as this isn’t very good in its current state.
  • Nokia File Explorer (no root required): A very simple File Explorer, though not without its bugs. Users are reporting force close errors when trying to move or delete files.

And that’s about it. Nothing super exciting, but if you wanted some apps crafted by a once-gigantic company who swore never to come anywhere near an AOSP trunk, this is what you get for now. We’ll be monitoring to see if any other apps are eventually given the port treatment, so stay tuned. In the meantime, use the links above to grab each respective download if you’re interested.

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  1. I’d rather port a broken screen.

  2. And nothing of value was gained

  3. Dang I was hoping it’d have a cool music player to fiddle with.

  4. Why anyone would buy this phone over the many better options (like Moto X) is beyond me.

    1. While I agree, remember that this is targeted at developing countries.

    2. Nokia has solid name brand recognition in many countries.

    1. Then why did you click on this article? just to post that BS?

  5. Why nokia? Why Nokia? WHY?

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