Nexus 7 2012 32GB on sale at Best Buy for $159



If you’re looking to pick up a cheap Android tablet that runs that latest version of Android, you’re in luck. The Nexus 7 2012 (32GB) is now on sale at Best Buy for $159. The original Nexus 7 tablet launched back in July of 2012, however the 32GB variant didn’t become available until a few months later in November. As far as budget tablets go, the Nexus 7 2012 at $159 is a steal.

The Nexus 7 2012 isn’t alone in the $150-$160 price range, Asus, Dell, Coby, Acer, and a dozen unpopular brands are all listing Android tablets as well. However, none of them are stock Android, are running Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and they aren’t sporting 32GB of storage.

Stock has started to arrive at local Best Buy brick and mortar shops, as you can see below.


Head on over to to order and be sure to let us know if you snagged one of these in the comments. Also, I’m not sure why they listed it as ‘brown’ instead of ‘black’.

Thanks +the1dynasty!

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  1. Maybe its a new 2014 brown version of the 2012 black Nexus :p

    1. Conspiracies. I like it!

    2. The 2012 one was grey not black.

      1. I have a 2012 model and if you look closely you’ll see its a very dark brown.

  2. 2012 version? Sorry, I had one. It’s not even worth $100 imo.

    1. Why not? Bought one for my wife in July or so, and she’s happy.

      1. Agreed. Buying one for my daughter. Perfect tablet for a kid.

        1. Buy me one too… Perfect buddy?

          1. You have like 20 devices.

          2. I don’t see your point here.

          3. you both sould buy an Apple and eat it

          4. I have plenty of Apple. I use a MBP every day. I get lots of hate for that around here but could care less. I also bought a whole bag of Granny Smiths, which I did eat one already.

        2. For a kid, yes. The one I had at least was laggy, the screen was clearly lacking in comparison to the N4 I had at the time. I just can’t understand why you’d buy the last gen for just a few less than the new one. Then again, maybe I’m picky, but even my 2nd gen N7 doesn’t impress me that much. For the price the hardware is good, but mine still suffers from touch issues.

          1. Yup, agreed. My N7 2013 gets laggy at times and still has horrid touch sensitivity issues. I would like a bit better battery life too. It’s time for a Nexus 8 with decent quality control, a Snapdragon 801 and 32/64GB storage options! I wouldn’t touch a Tegra3-based N7 for a penny over $100, especially since I have a feeling they will drop support for it and the N10 after 4.4.x KitKat.

          2. I’m not the only one anymore! I always get flamed for talking down the N7, but I knew I couldn’t be the only one that feels it. I’m out of the tablet game from now on. I got a laptop and my tablet rarely comes out now.

    2. Totally agree with scoter man1. This exact same version was available at numerous stores during Black Friday 2012. 2012! for this exact same price. THAT was a deal. This is just an unloading of manufacturer’s inventory before the 2014 version comes out in a 4 months.

  3. Haven’t they always called it brown?

  4. Lady on the phone at best buy said it’s the 2nd generation model.. Now I’m confused

  5. Never mind not confused I forgot to realize that most Best Buy employees are dumb….

    1. I have plenty of pics, only posted the one. It’s 2012.

  6. So you post this yet no word on the fact that Staples had the 2013 N7 for $199 and included a $25 mail in rebate making in just $15 more than this one. Granted it was the 16GB model but still…..

    1. Can you give a link? I can see only $224

      1. Uh, So its a 16GB model that’s $15 more expensive AFTER you send in a rebate and you are really asking why didn’t they post it here?

        1. For the 2013 model… his argument is trivial because Phandroid can’t be expected to know about everything and isn’t positioned primarily as a bargain hunter resource, not because it isn’t comparable if not better value.

    2. You know what you could do instead of complaining that a bargain was missed? You could use that tips button and send them into us. ( for the lazy.

      1. He’s not the one writing for a news site. You need other people to do your job for you now? And this is why AP and DL are far ahead of “Phandroid”, which really just sounds like the insulting stuff Apple users say. The only lazy ones here are the people who failed to write about the other deal.

  7. FYI. the 2013 N7 is just 99 bucks at Verizon until Monday. requires a 2yr agreement and a data plan, but still, excellent deal if you want a tab with data.

    1. How is that a good deal??? Lol.

      1. retail is 350 and to add it to a plan is 10 bucks a month. after two years you’re basically breaking even but you’ve had 4g access the entire time.

        1. Yes but you are tied up to another contract… That’s like saying the S4 is a good deal at 199, because if you buy without a contact it’s 650

          1. Actually, the S4 can now often be had Free (on contract) and since most people dont hop carrier every other month, THAT IS a good deal. if you can’t understand that, then I have a 3rd grader neighbor that will explain the math to you.

          2. it’s not at all like a phone subsidy because the cost of service over two years far exceeds the subsidy.

            in the case of the Nexus 7 you’re actually paying less in service fees over 2 years than the subsidy. service fees = 240, subsidy = 250.

            case closed. obviously if you aren’t the kind of person who wants or needs data on a tablet, or isn’t on a share plan, its probably not anything to be considered. for those that do fall into those categories, they will be hard pressed to find a better deal on even a lesser quality tablet.

        2. add to a plan only works if you are already a verizon customer. otherwise the minimum is $40/mo for new plan. so essentially you are on the hook for $480/yr for 2 years plus taxes and fees. no thanks!!!!

          1. hence why I said if you arent on a share plan it probably wouldn’t be considered. obviously its not a deal everyone can take advantage of, and of course it makes sense specifically for vzw customers on a share plan who want a tablet with data.

            just because you arent an ideal customer doesn’t mean you need to poo-poo it.

    1. Meh. You’ll find out they hit other stores at this same price point this week. Just like Amazon says, available March 7th.

  8. Imo the 2012 is not even worth that. I bought one for my sister, it’s laggy as hell (as in takes forever for apps to launch and stutters at times).

    1. Is it fully updated? Mines runs flawlessly.

  9. me and my sister both have 2013 models. i got a 32gb and her a 16gb. my grandfather has the 2012 32gb and it seems to do him well. but he never updated it past the version it came with.

  10. Got this at GameStop for $99 a while back when they were clearing them out :)

  11. Is there Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart, BLE) support in the 2012 device? My experience says no, even running 4.4.2.

  12. Those photos are of the 2013 model packaging. Is it the 2013 or 2012 that’s on sale?

    1. no, those photos are of the 2012 edition. It was gray. The 2013 version comes in a smaller blue box

      1. my Aunty Grace got a nearly new blue Kia by working part
        time from the internet. look at this now B­u­z­z­3­4­.­ℂ­o­m

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