AllCast update brings UI refresh, Muzei support, and more


allcast update

Koush has made a reputation for being a lightning fast developer, so we’re not surprised that he just dropped a huge AllCast upgrade in the Google Play Store shortly after its initial launch.

Today’s upgrade brings a number of great improvements, including a major user interface refresh, support for Muzei, general bug fixes for Chromecast and Playlists, and more. Here’s everything in all the details you’ll ever need:

  • Major UI redesign
  • Muzei support
  • Chromecast fixes
  • Playlist fixes
  • Possibly fixed video thumbnail crash fix on Samsung
  • Chromecast icon update
  • Set app to free while bugs are fixed
  • More Crash fixes
  • MKV fixes
  • Long click audio to add to playlist
  • Crash fixes
  • Fix Chromecast seek

And that just about does it. Everyone should be stepped up to the latest Google Play Services upgrade by now, so Chromecast should be working alongside all the other great features AllCast has. Upgrade it by heading to the Google Play Store as soon as possible.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I haven’t had good luck with Allcast at all, videos have to be buffered quite a while, crashes, UI is pretty garbage. Hope this helps.

    1. Google released the SDK a few weeks back so probably a lot has been fixed

  2. My allcast app is majorly in struggletown trying to even find my chromecast :( Here’s to hoping this update helps me out! :)

  3. Wish it worked better for videos… Every video I cast to it struggles. Plays for 2 seconds, buffers for 5, plays for 2, buffer 5, etc etc etc

    1. record those videos in 720p (or lower) instead of 1080p

      1. Unfortunately, it would not be reasonable for some/many of us to re-encode all our 1080p videos to 720p

  4. Does anyone know how to make Allcast cast my photos in my google+ photos cast to the chromecast? or does that functionality not exist?

  5. Love this app, but hate that my photos are often rotated 90degrees on the TV, with no easy way to compensate

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