Will Samsung introduce a new music streaming service called “Milk Music” at MWC?


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With each passing year it becomes increasingly apparent that Samsung wants to transform into a mega multimedia giant, and strive to become, well, another Apple. The company uses Android for all their top smartphones and tablets, but they often build out their own solutions for things the market place already has (such as S Voice, Samsung Apps, Media Hub and more).


It looks like they could be revamping the mSpot-based music service — dubbed Samsung Music Hub — they tried to launch a couple of years ago, though. A recent filing at the USPTO suggests Samsung will be introducing a music streaming service called “Samsung Milk Music,” and it sounds like they’re being even more ambitious than they were with Music Hub. The trademark mentions video quite frequently.

Among other music and mobile-related classifications, the application details the following system:

mobile software applications for streaming music, for accessing Internet radio, for enabling music and video broadcasting services, for accessing video-on-demand; for enabling social networking

It wouldn’t be the first time we get a music video streaming service, nor would it be the first time we’ve seen a music streaming service, but it isn’t often that those two collide into one big app. Of course, it’s all speculation until Samsung says something official about it, but we’re hoping they’ll have more to share in less than a week at Mobile World Congress once they unveil the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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  1. Milk you for all they can.

    1. Agree

    2. Until the cow headbutts you in the ‘nads and gets the f%$& away from you.

  2. Samsung…What are you doing…STAHP! I owned a GS4 for 8 months or so, not once did I use any of the Samsung media apps. Just figured what is the point? Why start all over when I already have everything good to go with Spotify/Google Music and Netflix/Hulu Plus.

    1. What he said but with a note 2

    2. Completely agree. I’ve had my S3 for 18 months and I haven’t used Samsung’s apps for more than a few minutes in all that time. None of them really do anything that even the hardcore techie would want to do that can’t be done without using a laptop and an HDMI cable hooked up to an HD TV.

  3. Sammie you are so yesterday please stop with all the me too apps it has been already done and way better. They are like the govt trying to beat the private sector a total waste of time and resources. Focus on making good quality phones and fix that God awful touch wiz.

    1. sammy pls

    2. Preaching to the choir, man. Fix the bloatware, keep the nifty parts of Touchwiz (like some motion-activated functions etc.), update the UI’s overall look a bit and you’re golden.

  4. Another redundant inferior unwanted samsung app. No surprise.

  5. Another step in Samsung’s preparations to break up with Android, and what a mistake that will be.

  6. Yea, just keep on milking!

  7. “milk” music? oh God….

  8. Mooooo! er.. No!

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