Whoopi Goldberg is the Nexus 5’s unlikeliest of spokespersons, puts it to the test live on air


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In perhaps what could be Google’s most unlikely of spokespersons, comes Sister Act star Whoopi Goldberg straight out of left field. The story actually starts late last week when Whoopi took to Twitter to announce her new found love interest: the red Nexus 5 “Google Phone.” As some pointed out, the tweet was actually sent using her iPhone but to be fair, Whoopi never said that the Nexus 5 was her new daily driver, only that she was learning the “ins & outs” of the smartphone.

Whoopie Nexus 5 tweet

Fast forward to today where live on The View, Whoopi Goldberg showed off her favorite tech gadgets in a new segment called “The Latest Stuff.” The list was, for the most part a snoozefest, featuring everything from a phone sanitizer (what’s wrong with household Windex?), headphones, portable speaker, Polaroid camera, organizational board, and finally — drum roll, please — the newly released red Nexus 5 “powered by Android.”

Watch the video clip here

Watching Goldberg talk about the phone was almost endearing (like watching your grandma talk about her iPad), but the real moment of truth came when, she put the phone’s voice commands to the test. Have to admit, I was holding my breath. But the Nexus 5 didn’t falter, perfectly answering the query, “Who is Whoopi Goldberg?” by accurately speaking back all her info to the praise of live tv audience.

We suppose the best part came when Whoopi announced that everyone in the audience would be receiving all the gadgets featured — including the red Nexus 5 — for free. Can’t say we’ve seen any Nexus 5 ads running on daytime television, so this might be the device’s 15 minutes of fame in the mainstream. Baby steps, folks.

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  1. whoopi!

    1. Had to up vote for Little Rascals

    2. You have been granted one more day of life for this.

  2. Tweeted from iPhone. Why?

    1. not everyone hates competing platforms with a vengeance

      1. It’s kind of ironic though isn’t it? It means that she either doesn’t like the N5 or can’t figure out how to use it.

        1. Or the nexus wasn’t setup to tweet on.Any time a nexus device is mentioned on national tv it’s a good thing.

        2. How is this no different than playing with a demo model at the store?

        3. or she already has an iphone and she was just using someone else’s nexus and goes, “oh this is cool too”

      2. ^^ best comment of the month

  3. It’s so cool she had to put it down and get her iPhone to Tweet about it. ;)

    1. She’s been an iPhone user for years. This is one of her “new favorite gadgets.” She just discovered it. Because someone introduced it to her, and she’s learning/playing with it doesn’t mean she’s instantly going to throw out her daily driver. I bet she didn’t even know how to access Twitter on it, at the time she sent that tweet.

    2. Or she didn’t have Twitter set up on it yet.

      1. Hmm…seems like Google would have given her a script to read on how to do that, too.

  4. This made my day.

  5. Whoopi is simply AWESOME! love her movies now owns a NEXUS 5. how many celebrities do u see own a NEXUS 5 or android phone

  6. I recall seeing a Nexus 4 ad on TV. I wonder why Nexus 5 and 10 aren’t pushed together to prime demos who watch Big Bang Theory, Shark Tank, Adult Swim and the like?

    1. They are having troubles supplying for current demand. Ads would just make that worse.

      1. So? Nexus 4 was hard to come by as well; still had an ad out. Makes me think Google sold itself short on the hit it had on its hands.

    2. They use iPhones on Big Bang Theory. :(

  7. This is cool. If the world’s renowned MORON & Idiot (Whoopie) can operate a Nexus 5 easily….anybody can.

    1. Seems a bit harsh but hey, it’s the internet. Flame away.

      1. Not Flame away but rather TROLL away.

    2. Wow, what did the Whoop ever do to you?

    3. She’s an EGOT winner.

      1. After looking through some of Victor’s posts, he’s one of those poor saps who hates anyone with differing political views from his own…..he listens to hate radio, watches hate tv and spends his days just hating away, getting more and more bitter and jaded. He can’t see the middle because he’s blinded by extremes. You actually have to feel bad for people like this as their life sucks……

  8. Now I want a Nexus 5! Just kidding. I ordered the black one on the first day it went on sale. That’s cool more people got to hear about it. I wonder how many viewers actually went to buy one after seeing it.

  9. This was just the publicity the N5 needed. Everyone in the audience for all of the items! #awesome

  10. Thank goodness it wasn’t that awful network message, I think it goes ‘Can’t reach Google at the moment.’

  11. Well I own one to :)

  12. Can’t watch the video outside of the US?? Antiquated Copyright laws at their best! Great article anyway, not your fault. Guess I’ll just watch it on YouTube.

  13. Nexus 5 is too big IMO. But maybe that’s because I’m still rocking the antiquated Galaxy Nexus. #inmydayphoneshadoneichscreensandwelikeditthatway

    1. There is barely a difference in size 4.7 vs 5.0, that and the Nexus 5 being newer (specs) faster and lighter.

      1. yet it seems gigantic. Maybe it’s the style. My friend has one and it just doesn’t feel right in the hand.

        1. It is the same size as your Gnex but with a bigger screen, thinner and lighter, so i have no idea what you are talking about or if you actually held one

  14. Great segment, I like how naturally Whoopi talks about the Nexus 5, great job. The sanitizer is a bit much, but cool to see Polaroid still on the market.

  15. Good news for nexus team!

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