Sony’s Mobile World Congress press conference set for February 24th



Sony has long been one of the many using Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as a stage to announce exciting new products for the first half of the year, so we were ecstatic to learn that the Japanese company has scheduled a press event for February 24th at the big show. Sony joins Samsung, LG, Nokia and maybe even HTC as major players who might have big announcements for us at the show.

So what could they be bringing us? Sony hasn’t had much leaking out over the past few weeks, though that is likely due to the fact that their most significant offerings — the Sony Xperia Z1s and Sony Xperia Z1 Compact — have already been made official as of CES 2014. The company does seem to have a little something brewing for the start of the year, though.

For starters, we still haven’t heard official word on the supposed D6503 “Sirius” phone that was rumored a while back. That phone is supposed to be quite the beast, coming equipped with Qualcomm’s 2.3Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of RAM. We’re also told to expect a 5.2-inch 1080p HD display, as well as the same 20.7 megapixel camera sensor featured on the aforementioned Z1 line.

sony d6503 sirius 5

Beyond all of that, we haven’t a clue. Sony has already released their second generation smart watch, as well as an innovative suite of clip-on smart camera lenses. We suppose they’re overdue for a new tablet, though there haven’t been any murmurings of any such development to this point.

Let’s hope they really have tightened their ship up and stopped the leaks, and hope they have more to bring to the table than the Sirius alone. We’ll be touching ground in Barcelona later this month, so stay tuned as we’ll look to get our hands on whatever is announced at the illustrious show.

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  1. Just a Z1 with 0.2″ extra screen and 1GB of extra ram….?? That’s not really a new phone…

    1. Does the screen really need to be any bigger and does a phone need more then 3GB of RAM? I think not.

      1. And is it really necessary to put out a new phone if every aspect is identical? I think not either.

        1. You should know the new 805 processor probably isn’t ready yet. The 800 is plenty fast. Is 3GB of RAM not enough? Still not satisfied with a 1080p screen? 20mp cam doesn’t sound nice? It’ll probably have a 3000mah battery at the least. Still water proof and dust proof. What else do you possibly want? That sounds like nice bump to me. Could it have a 2K screen? It would sound nice, but it’s not a must. You have unreal expectations.

      2. Screen bigger? no.. 5 is the biggest a phone should be…RAM? maybe . especially for gaming and multitasking…

      3. You know what, you’re right. We should stop improving specs right now. It’s out of control.

        Personally I think we should have stuck with the 192MB of RAM in the HTC G1. Forever. I mean I can’t imagine ever needing more than 192MB of RAM or 256MB of internal storage.

        1. Your sarcasm is ignorant here. You really think a phone should have 4+ gigs of RAM? Does the screen really need to be much bigger then 5 inches? The only numbers that will dramatically improve is the camera. It’s a phone OS. It’s not a damn gaming computer that needs a butt load of RAM. Maybe it could have had a 2K screen, but 1080p is just fine for a phone right now. You honestly have unreal expectations. Maybe the tech isn’t ready right now. 2GB of RAM is just fine. If it has 3, then that’s even better. What else does the phone really need?

          He was saying the rumored specs are not satisfying enough. As they get better, they actually start to slow down, because it’s a tad bit ahead of it’s time. You clearly misread my comment as today’s specs are to much. That’s not what I was saying.

          1. I read the thread wrong, I thought you were just putting that randomly, not replying to that first post my bad

    2. Their focus should be them thick ass bezels…or maybe another Xperia Compact phone …..

      1. I agree with you about the bezel thickness. It would be nice if they were to keep the same form factor but increases the screen size. That’s probably likely what they will do though.

        1. I went to T-Mobile to check this Xperia Z1s….I fell in love with the design!! I put it sided to side with the LG G2, I was like wtf? the Xperia had Jay Leno’s chin and Rihanna’s Forehead…damn shame…so the LG G2 had a bigger screen yet was smaller in all dimensions….

  2. I’m patiently sitting here waiting for Sony to release a Nexus..

    1. I’d love to see what they can do with it. A water-resistant Nexus? Nice.


    1. my Aunty Sienna recently got a stunning red
      Nissan Maxima by working part time online… find out here now B­i­g­4­1­.­ℂ­o­m

      1. And your mom gave me a blumpkin this morning… no one cares phanbot

    2. That’s what I want to see from them now. They have great looking hardware and software is coming together finally, just…that bezel.

  4. Is Sony a player in the USA? I have never seen anyone with a Sony phone ever.

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