At long last, the Nexus 7 2013 might soon be launching on Verizon


nexus 7 verizon

We’re not sure what really took them so long, but it seems Verizon is finally getting ready to sell the Nexus 7 2013 on their 4G LTE network. Droid-Life has procured photos of the actual device’s packaging in the wild.

We don’t get a look at the device itself, but Verizon made it a point to put their logos on the box — can’t say we didn’t see that one coming. And truth be told, we wouldn’t be surprised if the device itself had logos to advertise loudly and boldly that it can surf on Verizon’s 4G network.

We’re not sure what this will eventually mean for versions of the device that were sold directly from the Google Play Store, but we imagine Verizon won’t be stingy about letting you grab a SIM card and a data plan once their version of the device is sitting on store shelves. The latest rumor pegs February 13th (which is on a Thursday, big red’s favorite day for launching devices) as the landing date for this bad boy, so we’ll be sure to circle back and see if that does, in fact, happen.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just watch, verizon will charge $150 more than it costs to get it in the play store

  2. A locked Nexus device. Sweet!

  3. i don’t think you can pop a Verizon Sim card in a play store device and have it work for the same reason you can’t put a Verizon Sim card in an unlocked galaxy nexus from another carrier…

    1. No, you can’t. Jeff Jarvis established that last fall when he tried and they lied about why he couldn’t.

      If you want a Nexus 7 on Verizon, you’re going to buy it from them. Presumably since they sold the spectrum to T-Mobile that required them to open up their network, they can do this.

      1. You are incorrect. You can put a Verizon SIM in it and it works fine. I do it regularly. Jeff Jarvis tried to get s new SIM activated for it He even said that putting his current SIM in it worked fine.

        1. Yes, you can pop an activated SIM card and it works. You are 100% correct. However, as of right now that SIM has to have been activated for another device and if Verizon ever decides to give you trouble because of the IMEI # (let’s say you try to roam to another country?) you might have problems.

          Thanks for straightening me out though. It’s a critical distinction, useful for anyone with a Nexus 7, a Verizon account, and an extra activated SIM.

    2. Yes you can. I put my SIM in the Nexus 7 and it works fine.

      1. but they won’t let you buy a Sim card specifically for an already purchased play store nexus 7?

        1. They wouldn’t. But, they will as soon as they launch it. They couldn’t officially sell you a SIM for it while the “certification” was in limbo. But, putting an already active SIM in it works just fine.

  4. Gonna be replaced soon…. Typical Verizon. Always the last guy at the party. And it’s not cool late. It’s like “Wtf is this guy doing here? The party is almost over.”

  5. After sales of their internally-branded tablet tanked craptastically.

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