Feb 10th, 2014

nexus 7 verizon

We’re not sure what really took them so long, but it seems Verizon is finally getting ready to sell the Nexus 7 2013 on their 4G LTE network. Droid-Life has procured photos of the actual device’s packaging in the wild.

We don’t get a look at the device itself, but Verizon made it a point to put their logos on the box — can’t say we didn’t see that one coming. And truth be told, we wouldn’t be surprised if the device itself had logos to advertise loudly and boldly that it can surf on Verizon’s 4G network.

We’re not sure what this will eventually mean for versions of the device that were sold directly from the Google Play Store, but we imagine Verizon won’t be stingy about letting you grab a SIM card and a data plan once their version of the device is sitting on store shelves. The latest rumor pegs February 13th (which is on a Thursday, big red’s favorite day for launching devices) as the landing date for this bad boy, so we’ll be sure to circle back and see if that does, in fact, happen.

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