Question of the night: would you be turned off by a “butterphone” girl? [VIDEO]


iPhone girl snaked

Android fans are a passionate bunch. If you’re anything like me, it pains you to watch someone suffering with old Android hardware, especially when you know there’s so much better out there. But it’s one thing to watch a stranger fiddling around with their HTC EVO 4G on the subway, and another to be romantically involved with someone who just doesn’t share your passion for mobile technology.

College Humor lightly touches on this subject in their “She’s such a Butterphone” skit. We’re sure you’ve all heard the term “butterface” (a girl who’s perfect in all areas “but-her-face”). Butterphone is similar to that. A smoking hot girl — smart and sweet — just about everything you could ask for in a woman. The problem? She’s using a crappy old phone and is seemingly happy with it.

Video NSFW (language)

Okay, we know College Humor’s take is a little extreme, but we’ve already seen what happens when a cute girl with an iPhone tries to pick up on an Android fanboy. Is this video really that off base? Would any of you be turned off if the girl you were hitting it up with in a bar pulls out her MyTouch 3G? Or worse… an iPhone 3G?

[College Humor]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. to be honest yes i had to get my girlfriend a nexus 7 2013 and a nexus 5 your iphone 4 was just killing me. but i didnt offer to upgrade her to the iphone 5s but she liked my phone better ..ehhh she won some points back

  2. Haha, that was great! Honestly, it would bother me to have a girl who didn’t have a smartphone. And one that isn’t more than 2 years old.

  3. An iPhone never looked so good ;)

  4. I’m not going to lie that feature phone was actually really impressive. Flip phone with built in slide qwerty keyboard and stylus support. That’s what I’d call a feature phone.

  5. My wife had a blackjack when we met, sooooo, yeah.

    She’s got my Nexus 4 now :)

    1. OMG the blackjack….I had one on. ATT decades ago!!!

      1. I think she ended up picking out an LG from Sprint that had a qwerty slider after that, was almost as bad lol. Got her a Note 1 after that though.

      2. One of old school faves right there.

  6. If the girl works well, I wouldn’t give a damn. She could have a nokia 3310 for all I care.

    1. Hell yeah as long as I don’t have to pay her bill…she can have a Nokia 6010….lol

      Edit: actually, she needs to at least have a camera on her phone ( . )( . )——he he

      1. Oo, that one has color. Nice!

        At least when she drops it, it won’t break like an iPhone or Nexus 4 would.

      2. Hahahahhahaha I’m with you on that one

  7. shes got to at least have an android phone or an iphone 4 ^

  8. Ah, good to see we are back on track Mr. Chavez, well done, well done!!

  9. This girl im seeing has an iphone 4s and honestly im a die hard android user; it really bothers me but no I wouldn’t pass her up

    1. Literally in the same boat.

    2. Well, her camera is better than yours so that has to count for something.

      1. 4s is an 8 Megapixel camera. There are far better cameras in the latest Android phones…

        1. Megapixels mean nothing. Google still can’t figure out exposure lock and focus lock, which both make a huge difference regardless of how many megapixels a camera has.

  10. LoL it was funny, but even think about passing up on her for a phone, that’s some true nerdy stuff. That female was all kinds of sexy

    1. All kindzzz

  11. I don’t think it would bother me, but then I saw their points and it would nag me a bit but I’d still go for it. I experienced something similar but mostly because she wasn’t good with directions. She ended up at the improv in a different county to the one I told her to go to… she’s new to the area and her iPhone sucks.

    Oh and warn for NSWE (Not safe while eating).

  12. Chris.. my girlfriend uses an iPhone 3G. First time I’ve actually came to terms with it. Never thought I’d tell anyone..

  13. My wife’s still rockin’ a pink Moto RAZR circa 2004… but… she cooks and cleans, so itsok. /s

    It does get annoying when she calls me for directions though, when she could just use GPS on her own smartphone. And, it’s kind of sad that only *I* take any of the good cellphone photos of the kid because on the rare occasion she takes ’em she can’t handle my Note3 worthadamn, so i’m in few good pics. And… she also uses my Contacts database for her contacts because it’s easier to manage than the RAZR. And… more. yeah – annoying.

    The two big reasons why she hasn’t upgraded though:
    1) BrotherInLaw owns a Verizon store, so it’s FREE service (& upgrading means adding data which complicates things)
    2) Form factor and battery life of feature phones trump smartphones if you don’t need/want a smartphone.

    1. Get her a Moto G on T-Mobile prepaid for $30 a month. That way she can keep her free dumb phone, and have a decent smartphone for navigation.

  14. NONE of my hot girlfiends have nice phones, galaxy y, galaxy s1, iphone 3g ( hate it ), IF they have smartphones at all hahaha, if i meet a cute girl with a high end smartphone, i would totally fall in love

    1. Why not buy her a nice phone, lol?! I know you’re head exploded right? lol

      1. That’s what I did! My girlfriend had one of those Windows Phones. I can’t remember which one. I got her a Moto X, and she likes it a lot better. She sold the old one. I knew we would get along well soon after we met, though, once I found out she didn’t like Apple/iPhone either lol.

  15. My roommate is an Android guy(The poor sap lol JK) and he and his girlfriend literally had major fights over Android vs iPhone(She is all the way dieheard apple fan :P stands in lines days before the iPhone releases). They eventually broke up after they realized they were too different lol

    For myself, this question would be would i date a butterphone guy….Hmm, probably. I guess android is not the worst thing a guy could for me to not be interested lol….But it would have to be a HTC ONE or a Sony. CHeap plastics be gone, Samsung :P

  16. Glad I’m not the only one having these issues. I actually broke up with someone because she wouldn’t give up her iPhone 3GS. As for another ex, I had to buy her a Nexus 4.

    Sad, I know…

    1. good man…hold your ground!

  17. The girl I’m going after at college has a dumbphone slider and a third generation ipod touch with a busted screen. And a laptop that’s almost half her age. She’s the first chick I’ve been interested in since I really got into android where being a butterphone wasn’t a deal-breaker lol

  18. one had an iphone 4. She dropped it one day and started crying. (I shouldn’t have even dated her in the first place) Then I laughed so hard I started crying and she broke up with me…
    my current girl had an iphone 4 or 4s I don’t remember but it was the newest one. she shattered it and picked up an atrix 4g until she could afford a new one. I jumped all over it and showed her all the magical things an atrix could do (this was 3 ish years ago deal with it)
    Then she decided to stick with android we got her an htc vivid then the htc one x then the one lol #brainwashed her good!
    also we met at radioshack. I walked into the one she worked at to buy the htc evo 4g and somehow tricked her into dating me.
    The evo is legit the reason why I have my amazing girlfriend right now and the reason I will never own anything but Htc.

    1. Hope she doesn’t visit phandroid and sees

  19. Up until last year, my wife WANT old and cheap. She would old phones from our friends to use. Why? She was prone to breaking them! She would go through 3-4 phone while I waited two years to upgrade. Now she has a Moto X with an Otterbox. we’ll see how long that lasts…

  20. I actually talked my wife into dumping her blackberry for an android before we ever started dating. I tried to get her to get the HTC DROID incredible but she went with the Motorola pro instead. she has since been upgraded to the note 2 and love’s android. she has 2 android tablets now and will never leave it. Plus with android allowing multiple accounts on a phone she has access to my rather extensive app collection she never has to pay for. Now if I could only find a way to get the idea of the ipad out of her head.

  21. i could care less lol

  22. That used to be my wife actually, but I convinced her to get a smartphone. Although, no sane person would reject someone for their phones =P

  23. PSH iPhone 3G? They lose points for having a 5S.

    1. Since no girl i’ve ever met even knows or cares what Android is, I think the point is moot.

      1. I’d hate to live where you live. There are plenty of females that prefer Android here.

        1. I live in NYC and Lol come on you’re dreaming.

          1. That’s the problem. You live in a huge city filled with sheep. I live in a city that took a little to get LTE so most of them switched before the iPhone hoy LTE. L

            My gf for instance, HATES iPhone. She had a GS3 and wants a Nexus or Moto X soon.

          2. Got LTE*. Excuse my typos there. I shouldn’t be using my phone when I’m working…lol

      2. A few guys and (and girls even more so) that I know don’t know what Android is. iPhone/Samsung/Galaxy is definitely still more recognisable for the general public than Android. It’s sad and I do what I can to change it.

  24. My wife has an iPhone – so yeah, it doesn’t matter to me.

    I couldn’t actually think of something I care about less when it comes to personal qualities when choosing a date than their phone choice.

  25. Never thought about it, but now that I do I think it would probably bother me some. Passing up on a hot chick because of her phone would be a little much, but I would try my best to convert her lol.

  26. As long as she knows how to use it to its fullest potential I don’t think I’d have a problem with whatever she was packing. To each either own and all that jazz.

  27. this is a myth. no hot girl has a flip phone or antiquated phone. not in 2014. if so – i have yet to see one – not in the big city northeast anyway. maybe you hillbillies living out there in the sticks???????????

    1. Milf might

      1. ha GILF maybe!

  28. I lol’ed. GEEKLIFE.

  29. As long as she isn’t complaining to me all the time how crappy her iPhone is but refused to get an Android, I don’t care.

  30. Lets face it phandroid, if she is hot and all your can think about is her phone you know you have no chancewith her in the first place. I bet there are more virgins here on phandroid than at my first communion.

    1. Obviously! We know no young boys are virgins with all those priests running about.

  31. a guy is 900000% more inclined to have an old dumb phone then a girl…girls never…they either have an iphone or they might actually know a lil something about tech n have an android

  32. I’m so proandroid and antiapple that if i was seriously dating someone with an iphone id make them switch…but only serious..and if i ever get married then absolutly…i will not endorse nor have any apple products in my house that goes for the kids also(if any ever)

    1. +1 There’s not one Apple product in my household with 6 kids

    2. Good luck getting married with that attitude, what else are you a control freak about?

      1. Who says i wanna get married… Who says i dont wanna be single n ride motorcycles n bang strippers for the rest of my life

      2. Don’t get sucked in, chris_john sounds to be about 16 or 17 yrs old. I mean he has it all figured out, he is gonna stay “single n ride motorcycles n bang strippers for the rest of my life” That sounds really mature and safe. Good luck with all those std’s, at least the stripper had an android device.

  33. If she is all that then you have fun introducing her to Android with a Moto G or Nexus 5(if she isn’t a butterface). My wife has Android because that’s what I buy her. Does she think she needs it? No. But if it’s something you enjoy you share it. So all you over-obsessed techies go buy that butterphone girl a red Nexus 5 for Valentines and watch her blossom into a full fledged techie.

  34. You people are very, very sad….

    1. takes one to know one.


  36. My ex had a shitty MyTouch 4G so I bought her a Nexus 4 at the time; problem solved

  37. Anyone that is this pedantic will likely not have a SO to so it is a pretty
    redundant question.

  38. Funny video, and a little sad. My wife still uses a Samsung Convoy.

  39. This thread is depressing and concerning. I am amazed there are people walking earth that get this wound up about a phone. It’s not OK to act like this. This is so bad I think I need to remove the phandroid bookmark.

    1. I’ve tried but I keep coming back for more it’s like an odd social experiment in these forums and I have a hard time resisting that kinda thing.

    2. Really ? you pick this article to wanna drop Phandroid. It was quite funny. Obviously no one would actually choose or dump a girl or a guy based on a phone. It was obviously a play on “butterface” and nothing more. If you didnt find anything funny in this you must be dead inside.

  40. That’s just sad, I have an iPhone and my wife has a Motorola photon ( she insists on a sliding keyboard ) and on the list of concerns in our relationship I would throw out some long 6 digit number but I can’t it’s not even on there. You see kids there’s this thing called ” unconditional love ” and ” finding the right one ” and if a piece of tech comes between you and her she’s probably not the right one for you or you only want one thing from her. Why don’t you download some virtual girlfriend apps then you can have a girl ON your smartphone! It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

    1. ^THIS^ Shame on phandroid

    2. This entire post is clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek so calm down.

  41. Although the video is humourous.

    If you are looking for a girl based on her technology you are doing things wrong.

    We all have different interest and priorities, and although I am addicted to technology I sometimes have doubts on the amount of money I spend and how it could of been better spent on other “stuff”.

    1. Capt. Obvious to the rescue!

  42. Haha! She pulls out an antenna, opens a slider, and flips open the screen…that was epic awfulness!

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