Sony SmartWatch 2 now coming in silver, Brazilian colors for FIFA World Cup


sony smartwatch 2

Sony’s introducing a couple of new color options for their SmartWatch 2. The first is a new silver-plated metal option that resembles a typical stylish watch.

The second — a FIFA World Cup 2014 edition — is a take on Brazil’s vibrant colors as the 20th quadrennium rendition of this huge sporting event will be taking place over there. We’re not quite sure of the material just by looking, but it looks like some sort of thick cloth.

Other than that, though, these are the same SmartWatch 2 devices that have been available for quite some time, featuring a 1.6 inch LCD display, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, 3-4 days of “normal” usage with 7 days of standby time, and more.

It’ll be popping out of the oven this March for the UK, and it can be yours for just £132 including VAT. Clove has the goods for you over at their website if you’re interested. We’ll be reaching out to Sony to see if they have plans to bring either of these options across the pond.

[via Clove]

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  1. but why? They are releasing a new version already, so why change the colors for this thing? I bought one :(

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