Jan 30th, 2014

When Google first announced the purchase of Motorola, we weren’t sure what was going to come of it. Motorola still had a short pipeline to power through at that point, but eventually got to a point where they could begin work on their first line of smartphones that seemed to be influenced by Google themselves. The result was the Moto X, Moto G and Verizon’s exclusive DROID line-up.

The phones were heralded for light user interface customization, great battery life and very useful features that anyone could appreciate. Motorola’s swift upgrades to KitKat across all their latest phones added about 1,000 more brownie points, and everyone suddenly found themselves in love with “the Google company.”

Motorola a Lenovo Company

Will that change for you? I’m asking because of the news yesterday that Google would be selling off the remainders of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for just $2.91 billion. While Lenovo hasn’t yet detailed their plans for their new purchase, we can’t be totally sure they’ll impact Motorola the same way Google did. In the same breath, we can’t we be sure they’ll allow Motorola to continue operating as a separate entity.

Many would point to the Chinese company’s adoption of IBM’s ThinkPad line as proof that they’ll want to roll Motorola’s products under their own brand name, but it’s important to remember that this situation is different. Lenovo didn’t just buy a line of products — they bought an entire company.

So I pose to you this question: will your next smartphone be a Motorola phone? Has your desire to back Motorola suddenly waned now that Google’s name is no longer associated with the company? If Motorola continued down the same path they’re on in terms of compelling and solid smartphone offerings, yet did it under Lenovo’s brand, would you still buy?

As a DROID MAXX owner myself, I can’t say I wasn’t taken aback by the news, and I can’t say I didn’t immediately second guess my previous plans to stick with Motorola from here on out. That said, being an owner of three different solid Lenovo laptops in the past makes me willing to give the company a real chance to show me what they’ll be doing with ol’ Moto in the months and years to come before I pass absolute judgment. Let us know how you feel in the poll and comments section below

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