Rumor: Lenovo to make “one of the last” Nexus products


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Some more bizarre news might be coming out of this whole Lenovo/Motorola acquisition story going on. According to leakster Eldar Murtazin, Lenovo will be responsible for making one of the final Nexus devices (whether that’ll be a phone or a tablet). It’s an interesting revelation, if true. Lenovo has had little success outside of their home market of China, so one has to wonder if they’ll be using Motorola’s prowess to help them achieve a device worthy of donning the Nexus name.

Also lending credence to Motorola being the likely source for this supposed Lenovo Nexus is belief by Murtazin that the product will heavily focus on North American markets. That certainly wouldn’t bode well for Lenovo if we’re judging their history in the region, so it’s likely they’ll be putting Motorola to task for this supposed device.

Of concern is that Murtazin is continuing to beat the “Nexus is dying” drum. That particular rumor came out by the same guy earlier this week, with Murtazin suggesting Google will retire the brand to make way for Google Play Edition products. It’d be a sad day to see that happen, but we apparently wouldn’t see the earliest of this move until 2015.

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  1. NOOOOOO!!! If this is true, I hope Google has something big up their sleeves.

  2. Stop feeding the troll

  3. this should be a big boost for Moto under Lenovo! see what i did? bet Google makes sure this killa phone.

  4. I would extremely hate to see the Nexus brand go. It has been making big splashes in the cell phone industry by offering a high end phone for a relatively cheap price that is off-contract.
    The Nexus brand may not be as profitable as Google hopes to be, but it continues to be a leader in my opinion every year a new one is released.

    1. The phone grew so quick too. Like before the GN, I didn’t hear about casual phone users having one, but now…. a lot of people are using them. I might even switch my HTC One out for the Nexus 5.

    2. I agree. The Nexus line of devices needs major exposure through more extensive marketing, though. The result will be massive sales because they’re great devices at a great price. As you’ve said, though, Google/LG may not be making enough profit on the Nexus devices to be able to sell millions and make even a half-decent profit overall.

      1. Isn’t the nexus 7 the best selling tablet in the world? Only the iPad (and mini) even come close.

    3. Nexus was never about making Google money on hardware. Remember the 1st nexu tablet? Google only made about $15 per device. It was all about a cost effective product with good/great specs.
      It was revolutionary & went against the grain of traditional mfg’s.

  5. The reasons why many buy Nexus devices: 1) Great hardware at a great price, 2) Developer friendly with quick updates. I am fine with a transition to GPE only devices if we can keep the above.

    1. You forget the unlocked bootloader. I dont think nexus is going anywhere. There still is not an android tablet that competes with the nexus 7

      1. Since I only have Nexus devices, I didn’t realize that the GPE bootloaders were locked down. Ya that is a huge factor that I consider, one of the reasons why I haven’t even considered Samsung for a while.

  6. I have no issues with this lol

  7. Lenovo, use IPS displays would you!
    Stop using those Pen-Tile ones in Motorola products, bring out that beautiful and vibrant IPS.

    1. I’ll keep my, IMHO awesome, amoled screened moto x with active notifications, thank you very much.

      it looks so good n4 and n5 friends are constantly noting their jealousy

      1. My issue with the AMOLED screen that I had was the burn in that occurred on the phone.

        1. You will get burn in on any display if the brightness is too high, for too long, and on the same image. I have never experienced or witnessed it.

      2. I prefer accurate color reproduction over active notifications, but hey, we both can get what we like. That’s the beauty of Android

    2. Does anyone remember the comment a few weeks ago when someone accidentally typed “penile” display instead of Pentile? Bahaha.

      1. I love how you just posted this out of no where.

  8. Ya cause I’m sure before they’ve even written the check they made that decision. Shoot the phone is probably ready for the public already. Comon someone leak some pictures already! We’ve been waiting an entire day!!!!

  9. Lets get this straight now…We should be calling this a Lenovorola Nexus

    1. Or Moto Leno

    2. Is that Lexus for short?

    3. What about Motorovo?

  10. Why would Google kill off the nexus line?It makes no since to me.

    1. Look at the main meat and cheese of the Nexus line users. It’s people like us, power users. Ask Jimmy down the street if he knows what a Nexus phone looks like. He’ll probably tell you he has no clue.

      1. They run the nexus 7 commercials all the time on network tv.

        1. Do they? I don’t really watch TV much. But I mean the general consensus is the Nexus needs more marketing IMO.

  11. Please keep in mind that this could be merely a branding move similar to renaming Android Market to Google Play. Nexus is a fairly generic word without any obvious ties to Google. They may just be looking to change that. Additionally, the sale of Motorola indicates that Google really doesn’t want to be a manufacturer, so create a device that essentially hides who really makes it and should be providing support.

    From a support model, the Nexus line is fairly confusing. It appears, externally, to be a Google made device, but they aren’t really equipped to support. This was particularly true early on where email was the only way to contact them. Different Nexus branded devices are manufactured by different companies, so it’s again confusing to the average consumer who to go to for support (LG for this, Samsung for another, ASUS for a third).

    The GPE devices are still branded with the true manufacturer, who are best equipped to support it.

    1. Confusing? Come on. Once you get the android bug and I mean really liking android above a HTC or Sammy device you know the nexus line is the cure. It becomes the must have. Then comes along the gpe devices that has been trying to make fanboys out of us. Nexus is for die hard android users. Gpe is for Google fanboys.

      1. I disagree. Ive always seen GPEs as an option to someone that wants the phone they want and have it be pure Google without having to buy a device they dont want to get it. GPEs are going to boost the Nexus mission statement even though it might be killing the name. Lets be honest Die Hard Android users that mourn Nexus are the real Google Fanboys. Nexus is evolving, something it was always meant to do.

        1. That’s why all attention should be focused on nexus. Nexus meant great specs/ product & pure android for a reasonable cost. GPE’s are put out on many manufactures phones & the cost is ridiculous.
          Come on they make Sony GPE’s & HTC GPE’s. These are not nexus devices or nexus worthy. They have a moto g GPE, is that a nexus? Not at all. Maybe close but no cigar.
          If the nexus line should evolve then they need to go up & forward from where they are now, Nexus 5 is the pinical & the program shouldn’t be diluted to be put on a hand full of different mfg’s devices.

  12. If they drop nexus, all of my hopes and dreams will be shattered. I will stay with my Nexus 5 as long as it runs.

    1. I’ll buy a few extra so when my current nexus 5 dies I’ll have back ups. I hope this is just a rumor.

      1. You would not want to use the same phone for 6-10 years. Tech moves too fast. Don’t be silly.

  13. i’m not against nixing nexus.. but…….. i would want a nicely priced, badass, “google play edition” phone that gets immediate updates to replace it.

    1. What’s the difference other than about twice the price?

      1. that’s what i mean, i don’t want twice the price.

    2. The GPEs do get immediate updates.

  14. If so, hopefully it will have dual-SIM capability!!

    1. No.

  15. Very sad news. I was really looking forward to all the great Google made phones to come.

  16. Boy the tech news this week just gets worse and worse.

    1. A Chinese firm buys an American product (Congress should try and fight it like the Unicoal incident because they don’t like Chinese firms buying up American products), no more Nexus devices (no unlocked bootloaders or easy to unlock them, no region free unlocking out of the box, no more affordable flagship prices), HTC didn’t meet their 4.4 goals, etc. Google bought Motorola and then sold it for 1/6th the original value. Schmidt should’ve kept it since it’s about to skyrocket with the Moto X 2 and future devices.

      1. Skyrocket ? lmao more like sink, i read sales were really low on all Moto devices. Google is obviously cutting dead weight. The Motorolla experiment failed. Good riddance. Id rather Google partner with HTC so we can finally have hardware and specs to match the software of Google.

  17. They need to make the price more friendly then for the Google Play Ed phones. $599 and $649 will not sell well.

    1. Agreed! I like the Nexus line, but if we could get the non-Nexus GPE phones for a discounted price, I will be happy. Otherwise, I guess I’m screwed.

    2. Or make GP editions available subsidized on Verizon, AT&T and the others.


    That edge is something that the likes of Samsung, HTC, and LG are going to have to consider very carefully. They’ll need to either accept that Google is getting a bigger place on their home screens, try to compete directly with Google’s services, or simply offer a version of Android that many will consider stripped down when compared to the Nexus experience. We don’t know what each of these companies will do yet, but it won’t be an easy choice.

    The Nexus 5 competes directly with every other Android phone on software features, not just on hardware and price. Lockheimer tells us that Google doesn’t consider the Nexus to be “a hobby, we take it really seriously, and there’s a growing number of people who are actually buying these.” For the first time, the rest of the Android ecosystem might have to start taking the Nexus seriously, too. Google’s services truly do give the Nexus 5 an edge, and the thing about edges is that they can cut.

  19. I seriously hope this is nothing more than just a rumor. Can Google make two bad decisions in one week?

    1. What’s the other bad decision?

  20. Hmm. If it’s true, I’ll just be keeping my Nexus 5 that much longer.

    I’ve been extremely pleased with it and my Nexus 7 (and previously, my Galaxy Nexus), so I hope that Google isn’t actually canceling the Nexus program. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  21. Maybe they want become irrelevant some other big named tech giants especially with decisions like reported all pictures and videos to law enforcement, selling Moto to Lenovo, Killing Nexus program. Google is becoming more and more annoying everyday. I want to be annoyed then I might look to Apple in the near future

    1. What did you even just say?

      1. Lolwut? would’ve been an awesome comment coming from lolwut.

    2. Wow, you really are naive arent you ? Moto was a bad investment . Nexus is evolving into GPE Google never gave anything to law enforcement. You need help sir if you think Apple is the answer.

    3. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

      1. Hey I have the right to my opinion so you can suck it

  22. The Silver Lining of no more Nexus’: GPE phones will be more likely to have SDslots and removable batteries, since they’re not constrained by Google. Downside is that they’ll be more expensive since Google’s not subsidizing ’em to get you hooked on the cloud & ads.

    1. The beauty of Nexus devices were rooting them to avoid the cloud and/or ads if people can use USB dongles and apps that don’t have ads as much.

    2. How do you work that out? GPE devices will just be the same hardware as the OEM puts out anyway, and it’s only Samsung that is sticking with removable battery and storage. All the others think it’s fine to “go the Apple route”….

  23. If the Nexus line is done, I may switch to something else other than Android. I have been burned on every phone other than a nexus. GPE phones are too expensive, I left Verizon to stop paying 6-700 hundred for a phone.

    1. Well let’s see your choices: iPhone 5C or 6C if you wait it out (6C is 5S rebranded), Windows Mobile, or buying homebrew software devices. I think you’re better buying the next Oppo device or something you can import from China if you want a phone with good specs without paying top $. Or you can wait it out for devices to drop in price.

      1. The Oppo phones with CM are looking better and better.

        1. Oppo looks great right now. I also just picked up a Dell venue 11 Pro to replace my Note 10.1 and so far I really like it. I could see WP8 in my future if the Nexus dies. All i can say for sure is that I will not be buying another sense, blured or touchwized device, I have been burned too many times.

  24. we need to start a petition on to let Google know how important the Nexus program is to us developers, Android community, enthusiast, and poor people.

    1. They’re not going to listen. They are focused on what nets them future profits.

  25. Murtazin is just making it up, I wouldn’t worry, Nexus is sure to continue.

  26. When comparing the Nexus to say a Galaxy S or HTC One device in terms of SALES the Nexus doesn’t exist. If they hand over the Nexus to Moto under a different name but same price, fast updates and up to date specs then I’m all for it.

  27. I think Nexus can survive as Google Play Editions. Plus people, ordinary people dont care about Nexus. They just think of it as one specific phone. With Google Play Editions, people can pick the phone they want as a GPE and not have to buy a specific phone they may or may not want to get a pure Google experience. In some ways it could boost the Nexus ideal even though its killing its name.

  28. If Lenovo makes a tablet, they will screw it up. All of their tablets so far have some sort of cheap hardware shortcut in them. Lousy processor, hardly any storage etc…

  29. This Eldar Murtazin guy is almost always incorrect.

  30. Not looking forward to nexus line being cut off. The nexus line pushes all other android devices to better

  31. Why is everyone taking what this guy says as truth? He’s basing it on absolutely nothing, just getting hits on his russian language web site. People are so effing stupid sometimes.

    1. Yeah I agree. Not saying its not possible but highly doubt Google has that planned out that far ahead in the future. I really call bs. Both nexus 7 tabs have probably outsold all other 7 inch android tablets and I’m sorry but gplay devices don’t really cut it as a nexus replacement. They cost too much and have too many hardware customizations to be a reference device

  32. I guess if they want to kill the Nexus line and make sure no one wants it anymore, using Lenovo is a way to nuke that bridge. The Nexus line was a good way to purchase a phone at a reasonable cost and it had some good tech with it. Touchwiz, Sense, etc just slows down updates. For pure Android experience Oppo is not an option. It’s based on CM with their own mods. Plus the price of the Oppo N1 is twice that of the Nexus 5 and N5 has better specs in processor and sensors.

  33. I want to know what will happen with Moto’s Made in America initiative. The Moto X is made in Texas and I am set on it as my next phone (currently a hardcore Nexus fan). Hopefully this will stay true!

  34. Everyone who’s now jumping on this half assed speculator’s ship are downright gullible. GPE devices haven’t moved squat in terms of units when compared to any iteration of a Nexus device. The objective of the Nexus line was to penetrate the market with a great device that would display Google’s latest and greatest for Android. You think they’re going to lop that off and resort to hardware and updates at the mercy of the OEM’s? Please.. I have bridges and ocean front property to sell to all of you..

    1. Agreed. Also, Nexus are developer showcase products to publicize new versions of Android. If they sell well, fine, but they are more for influence and prestige. Google will continue the Nexus line — the same way lots of movie studios put out smaller movies that are Oscar contenders. They aren’t always meant to be summer blockbusters.

  35. I will only buy such bridge if it is in Brooklyn.

  36. They also said Google wouldn’t do a Nexus 5 because of the Google Play Editions HTC One and Galaxy III, but Google did. The rumor mongers were wrong.

    These idiots post stuff every year trying to kill off the Nexus line — which shows they don’t understand the purpose of the Nexus line to Google. It’s to influence the direction of Android, to publicize new versions of Android, and for prestige. Carriers and manufacturers often delay updates, and a new Nexus product is the way to announce the benefits of a new Android version and force pressure on companies to update the devices.

    Also to give developers a reasonable cost device to work with. A lot of developers are young, and cannot afford a $700 smartphone/tablet every year. If there’s no price discount, they might as well just develop for IOS. Especially in places like India, where there are lots of developers emerging, the Nexus 5 is a HUGE hit.

  37. Yeah and the nexus one was supposedly the only nexus google would make. And the galaxy nexus would definitely be the last one.

    We’ve been on this train for a while now

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