Tablet photographers rejoice! Sony has a QX camera lens attachment for your big-boy device



We’ve all seen “that guy” at a concert, holding up his 10-inch tablet to take a quick photo. As horrible of a social injustice as this is (one that should be punishable by flogging), Sony’s upcoming QX10/QX100 lens attachment for tablets is giving this “special sect” of photographers another reason to bring their tablet out on special events.


The original attachment peaked at 75mm, leaving no way to secure Sony’s lens cameras to larger devices like a Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Nexus 7. With Sony’s new lens attachments — 6-in-all — their QX cameras can be strapped onto devices as big as 190mm wide (insert phallic joke here).

The new arms will be available for Japan in April, with a price tag of around $36. No word on a release in other markets, although we expect them to arrive shortly after the Japanese launch.

[Sony Store (Japan) | via Xperia Blog]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. (insert phallic joke here)? Request granted. I bet that lens extends out real long for those extra long exposures.

  2. What’s really funny is that if you look close, it’s not even covering the camera lens. That’s a really cool feature then! Just attach it and take pictures? Bluetooth attachable camera? Nope…just a bad photoshop job. Try getting that lens over that camera there on the corner of the tablet!

    1. You might want to look up what these cameras are from Sony.

  3. Who the hell brings a tablet to a concert? Maybe cause I mostly listen to EDM and Djs, but i have never seen such a thing.

    1. Speaking as a parent with kids, you’d be surprised how many kids sporting events, and school performances are being photographed and recorded with tablets.

      1. That I can see.

        However as stated in the article… a concert. Be it Afrojack, Eminem, JayZ, Taylor Swift or anyone else… I have never seen such a thing. Half the time I get hassled for bringing my Olympus Mirrorless that is no bigger than the average point and shoot.

        1. I’ve seen it multiple times at 2 Odd Future concerts I’ve been to and couldn’t understand it at all. Most of them had iPads and I was really wishing someone bump them and make them drop it.

  4. No. Just no.

  5. Douchebagery rejoice!

    And look at those attachments, they’re so…. big.

  6. Wow, just when I thought you couldnt look like any more of a d-bag holding up your ipad or tablet to take a picture… This takes asian tourist to a new level!

  7. Sony lost some respect here. Anyone who give DBags an excuse to take pics with their tablet, is also a DBag in my book. (and yes I have a tablet [a Samsung], so it’s not tablet envy. just in case any DBag who take pics a with tablet want to get defensive)

  8. Cant this camera be used with bluetooth ?

  9. Lol all these comments tickle my stomach. First of all, the Sony lens is bad ass. As a owner of the QX10, I enjoy it better than those DSLR’s. It’s compact, and works with all phones and tablets using wi-fi. As far as the new attachment for the tablets, awesome. Have you tried taking pictures at night or your kids performance from a distance and received poor pixel photos on say an Ipad? This is where you wish you had that extended attachment to get 18mp or 20mp shots from the QX10/100. Research before you speak out and complain.

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