Jan 29th, 2014


We’ve all seen “that guy” at a concert, holding up his 10-inch tablet to take a quick photo. As horrible of a social injustice as this is (one that should be punishable by flogging), Sony’s upcoming QX10/QX100 lens attachment for tablets is giving this “special sect” of photographers another reason to bring their tablet out on special events.


The original attachment peaked at 75mm, leaving no way to secure Sony’s lens cameras to larger devices like a Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Nexus 7. With Sony’s new lens attachments — 6-in-all — their QX cameras can be strapped onto devices as big as 190mm wide (insert phallic joke here).

The new arms will be available for Japan in April, with a price tag of around $36. No word on a release in other markets, although we expect them to arrive shortly after the Japanese launch.

[Sony Store (Japan) | via Xperia Blog]

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