Twitter for Android update brings basic photo editing tools


twitter for android update

If you haven’t abandoned Twitter’s official Android app yet (it’s actually gotten quite good over the past few months), you’ll be glad to know there’s an upgrade waiting for you in the Google Play Store. This latest version adds some very basic image editing tools. You’ll be able to specify a crop at either square or wide aspect ratios, as well as rotate the image as you see fit. It’s no Snapseed, but if you only want to make a couple of quick framing adjustments before posting then this should work out quite well.

Twitter has also made it so that you’ll always see something new when you pull the timeline down to refresh, even if that “something new” isn’t coming from any of your followers. They’ll pull in trends, recommended Tweets and more at the top so you can explore other topics of interest and people on Twitter while you wait for your lazy friends to submit their next 140 characters.

It’s not the biggest upgrade in the world, but you’ll want to get your hands on it as soon as possible. Here’s the Google Play download link, so head over there and give it a shot at your earliest convenience.

[via Twitter]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If by “gotten quite good” you mean that its gotten almost unusable, then yes, I agree it is almost unusable. Are you saying it looks nicer? Maybe. But it simply doesn’t work. The layout is confusing to anyone who has used Twitter, ever, and it simply doesn’t work. Pull down all you want but 90% of the time it simply won’t update. Take a look at all the reviews on the play store if you don’t believe me.

    1. The official Twitter works great for me. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I do hope however I can turn off the all that recommends and trends when I refresh seeing as there is already a discover tab.

      1. Read some of the comments on the play store. It seems some people like the new look but there are a ton of comments about bugs and loading times. Me, I liked the old tabs better….and that new stuff actually loaded when I pulled down.

        “It’s okay… I love Twitter, it just needs some fixing because these updates are terrible. It takes 20 years to send a new tweet and it runs slow, please fix it back to it’s original form.”

        “I really love this app but its soooo slow, it takes a lot to load mentions or profiles, please fix it, this app is amazing.”

        “New update, same hassle to use They are just making this app worse and worse. The new layout looks great, but why did they get rid of profile tab? Why get rid of the mentions tab? I don’t care about “discover” and “activity.” I care about my mentions fav’s and rt’s. The dm’s are still super glitchy and thats if you even get the messages (which you don’t). And therr are still so many more complaints. Stop messing around and take it back to the way it was. I’m still using ubersocial over this. I miss the old twitter app.”

        “Needs improvement Doesn’t show all tweets on people’s timelines. The search function is laggy and crashes from time to time. Previous version was better.”

        “Serously… It won’t upload my messages,my newsfeed,my folowers,it freezes all the time,the tweets take ages to upload,my profile takes ages to upload please can you improve it then I will concider to install it again!”

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