Nokia Normandy could launch as Nokia X; underwhelming specs leaked


Another week, another Nokia Normandy rumor. Well, Nokia X rumor, because that’s what folks are starting to call this mystery Android phone that Nokia has apparently been working on for quite some time. Twitter account @evleaks had that much to share, but was also keen on letting us know what would be the silicon behind the scenes.

nokia normandy

We’d already heard the device was being built to be budget friendly, but this list of specs (if true) would pretty much confirm that:

  • “2 x” 1GHz Snapdragon processor (dual core?)
  • 4-inch WVGA display (480 x 800)
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB of internal storage w/ microSD
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 1,500mAh battery
  • dual-SIM option

He also mentioned the device would be available in a total of 6 eye-popping colors, some of which we’ve already seen in previous leaks. One other interesting bit of information he dropped was that it’d have “Nokia Store + 3rd party.”

We’re not sure what this is supposed to mean, but it sounds like Nokia will be maintaining its own apps store, as well as possibly using another repository not named “Google Play.” Of course, we’ll have to wait for more juicy details to be dropped before we know what that’s all about.

With that, it’s worth mentioning that we’re still without a solid release date. In fact, we have no idea of Nokia is even planning on launching this thing anytime soon.

Previous rumors stated that rumors about the Nokia Normandy / Nokia X being canned are “greatly exaggerated,” but that didn’t exactly make the picture any more clear for those of us who’re still following this interesting journey. In any case, with how this phone is shaping up we imagine this won’t interest the hardcore lot of you out there, but it still has our attention regardless. Keep it tuned to Phandroid for all the latest on this peculiar device.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It’s going to flop and Nokia is going to be scared of Android because they make a crap first attempt…

  2. 512mb ram? I wouldn’t buy that for a grandparent….

    1. SCREAMS-n-FAINTS!!!!

    2. Not that this phone will launch with KitKat, but that was the goal of Project Svelte. if it does launch with KitKat, I’m sure 512mb will be fine for what this phone is supposed to represent.

      1. Sure 512MB is the minimum required ram to run KK smoothly… But what about apps? That is a joke, it would not load YouTube videos and
        e-mail smoothly.

        1. My Desire Z (G2) running a bedroom-modded version of CM10 runs YouTube and Email apps just fine, I don’t see why the Nokia X wouldn’t either.

          Fact is, this phone isn’t designed for power users. It’s supposed to be an affordable, entry level smartphone for emerging markets. The specs seem reasonable to me.

          1. I understand it is enough for the bottom barrel user, but the fact remains that the Desire Z is now 4 years old. There is no reason to release devices that slow, the ammount saved at that production level by cutting the ram is negligable and people coming to Android are going to get a bad impression, there is no way this phone will handle anywhere near as smoothly as an iPhone.

          2. Well… no. It’s not going to be competing with an iPhone any time soon. But I also can’t see this thing launching (assuming it ever does) for much more than the Moto G – it’s a little unfair to expect it to match the performance of a device that costs 4 times as much.

            A modern dual-core processor at 1GHz will also comfortably outperform a similar single-core processor from 4 years ago, which should make the device feel a bit nippier.

            I do somewhat agree with you in that the difference in production costs between 512MB and 1GB RAM will be small. But maybe large enough to make a difference at large scale? I dunno, I haven’t ever been involved with a manufacturing project this large. KitKat is supposedly optimised for devices with low RAM anyway, so maybe Nokia just didn’t think it mattered?

            Either way, I doubt this will feel too sluggish when launching apps and generally perusing the home screens.

  3. Probably for emerging markets.

  4. wow. with those specs, why even bother producing the device? let alone, even try to sell it… #facepalm #waisteoftime

  5. Don’t forget Nokia popularized the inexpensive durable mobile phone 15 years ago; maybe they’re aiming for inexpensive and durable in emerging markets.

    Interestingly they supplanted Motorola for a time, when Motorola was the primary manufacturer of commodity phones.

    1. Ya but it will have to be a lot cheaper then an 8GB Moto G that i can pick up for 160 euro.
      And seeing the Moto G has better specs in every way it would have to be below 100 euro for it to sell.

      And dont forget that the current Nokia isnt the same Nokia that made the inexpensive durable phone popular. The people that worked at Nokia back then are all gone.

      1. Nokia isnt even nokia anymore its microsoft influenced now.

        1. Yes because when a company is bought out, all the employees are sacked or have their brains implanted, and all the knowledge and work processes they have are all ditched.

          Oh wait, that’s not what happens at all. (I’ve been at a large company that’s been bought out by even bigger companies several times over the years. We get new logos, that’s about it.)

      2. But we don’t know the price – given that S40 / Asha devices currently sell at way less than 100 euro, why are you assuming a Moto G level price, and thinking that below 100 euro seems unlikely?

        Never mind the Moto G, if these devices cost that much, they’d be redundant compared to the lower end WP Lumias.

  6. This is an insult to Android phones.

  7. Straight cheeks.

  8. “i’d buy that for a dollar”

    1. Robocop! Yes!

  9. What is this, 2009?

    1. A phone that cost £500 in 2009 costing £50 in 2014 – what’s wrong with that?

      1. Nothing if you are on a low income, but you couldn’t pay me to use that phone right now.

  10. Keep in mind that this will most likely be a budget phone/phone for emerging markets, stop acting like it should be a flagship with top notch specs >.>

  11. Nokia will say see, Android does suck, now ditch our crappy Android phone and buy one of our spectacular Windows phones.

  12. So how much? $150 off contract plus tax? Thats all I’d pay at most and thats a generous figure. Really this is more like $100 worth of phone. People would rather take the moto g.

  13. Seems like a rather stupid move to make your grand entrance into android with a phone that won’t sell. First impressions really do make a difference and this is a bad first move, heck even my grandmother has a phone with better specs than this.

    Also, between the subpar specs and the pics above, am I the only one that thinks this would be better suited for a midrange i-device? Maybe the leakers were all wrong about this having to do anything with android, and apple has finally gone crazy from watching their market share lost to android to the point they are letting other manufacturers in. (Not really buying that either, but specs and looks made that idea pop into my head)

  14. I see that everybody is forgetting that this phone isn’t designed for power users. It’s supposed to be an affordable, entry level smartphone for emerging markets. Just remember that not every Android device is designed with you in mind. The specs
    seem reasonable enough to me.

    I only recently upgraded from a Desire Z and, even then, only because the headphone socket had worn out. Unless you’re planning to do a lot of gaming (and especially if you’re running KitKat), 512MB RAM is plenty.

    1. Rumor is that it doesn’t support Google Apps though. If true, that’s a huge omission. Moto G would a better buy currently, even if this undercuts it by a bit.

      1. This is presumably meant to replace their current S40 / Asha smartphones, which sell a lot less than the Moto G. (After all, never mind Motorola, there are much better Lumia devices in the £100-150 price range, but that’s significantly higher than the cost of the S40 devices.)

        Not running Google Play applications may seem a shame, but avoids the problem of having apps that are too high powered for it. Effectively it’s a new platform in itself, just happens to be using Android as the lower level OS.

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