Red Nexus 5 allegedly appears again, this time in and outside its packaging


Red Nexus 5 boxed

While the Nexus 5 probably isn’t going to be offered in 6 new colors anytime soon, it does appear as if LG could soon start offering the device in a new red color. According to these pics taken from inside an LG warehouse in the UK (we saw the Nexus 5 break its cover in a similar leak back before it was made official), the red Nexus 5 could be real, and shipping out to wherever fine Nexuses are sold.

This actually marks the second time we’ve seen the alleged red Nexus leak online, the first being a few days ago (where a yellow model is also said to be in the works).

Red Nexus 5 front back

In the pictures we can see the red version packaged up along with hundreds of others, then even removed from its box to give us a closer look. Similar to the white version, it appears that LG could be going with a red earpiece to match the back. This should help the device match nicely with the bright red TPU case already offered on Google Play.

Because Twitter compresses their images so dang much, it’s tough to make out the legitimacy of these images with all the artifacting. Anyone suddenly considering a Nexus 5 in race red?


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  1. 20 years ago maybe, but red’s a bit too bright for me now. I did go for the dark purple Diztronic case on my Black Nexus 5 though (which, apparently they don’t sell anymore…)

  2. I’m happy with my N5 but I had my fingers crossed they wouldn’t color the speaker grill.

    1. someone else mentioned the dislike for a colored speaker grill..but I’ll go out and say..its pretty cool…

      1. I agree, it’s sexy!

      2. I’m telling you, every time you look at the phone you will think that you have a new message , you will think that the led is on

  3. Going to be a Verizon exclusive

    1. Not gonna lie..that would be AWESOME!

      1. To be fair, I suspect Verizon customers would praise even a puke-colored Nexus 5 on their network ;)

        1. Oh snap!

  4. Looks awfully fake

  5. you know there’s not much happening with android news with they are reporting on new colors of a phone thats been out a long time.

    1. how the hell do you figure? this phone has been out for approximately 3 months. Also, Color ways for phones are like color ways for sneakers and Jordan’s..its always good to see variety in a product line…

      1. take it easy buddy. Maybe step outside of your parents basement for a day and get some sun light. I think its cool, just not worthy of an entire article.

        1. first of all..I’m not your buddy. idk your lame a$$… secondly, its not my fault you wrote a moronic comment. thirdly, your not worthy at all..

          1. lmao

          2. I’m not your buddy, guy! I’m your guy, friend!

          3. *I’m not your guy, friend!*

  6. Perfect for Chicago Bulls fans like me!!!!

  7. Nexuses = Nexi

  8. ugh….

  9. The only thing I am curious about is the sides being red. Where even on the white nexus the sides are all still black. If they do make it red on the sides I will instantly be jealous they didn’t make my white N5 with white sides as well.

  10. Damn… that actually looks nice

    1. ikr

  11. This has to have MKBHD droooooling

  12. Happy with the black one. But this one looks beautiful.

  13. What is up with the red dot where the front speaker grill should be? And in the picture of the phone the camera lense is clearly red, yet on the box it is black/silver… Also on the box it appears to have that red dot either in the center where the speaker goes or maybe that is the light sensor.. Either way a little weird.. Also the LG Logo completely colored red like it is is not visible, they wouldn’t do that… I call fake, at least these pictures.

  14. Red is for CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

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