Jan 27th, 2014

HTC M8 One 2 concept

A concept HTC M8 doing away with the black bezels of the original. Pretty, isn’t it?

February is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. If HTC sticks to their original announcement timing for last year’s flagship, that means an HTC One sequel could be revealed in just a few short weeks. As we near a hotly anticipated device’s release, it’s typical that leaks and rumors begin seeping out of the woodwork, with the upcoming HTC M8 (One 2) being no different.

Remember when we told you guys about Mike1986’s discovery (he’s a XDA developer who regularly obtains leaked software builds) that the HTC M8 could come with software keys? Well, this big-little detail is now being corroborated by none other than @evleaks. In a tweet, @evleaks makes the claim that the “M8 will be the first HTC device with on-screen buttons.” Boom.

We have no other to believe otherwise. With the M8’s design mirroring closely that of last year’s HTC One, we expect a good portion of the bezels to be utilized for the front facing speakers. If HTC can do away with those capacitive buttons found on the HTC One (a major issue for some), they could easily increase screen size while minimizing bezels, killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Let’s just hope these reported on-screen buttons will have more than a back and home button this time around.

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