OnePlus One CyanogenMod smartphone due 2nd quarter of 2014; built using “only the best components”


Our friends at OnePlus have unleashed some additional details on the CyanogenMod phone — dubbed the OnePlus One — we’ve been hearing so much about over the past couple of months. For starters, they have confirmed that we will be seeing the smartphone within the first 6 months of 2014, as the company has slated for a second quarter launch. Good things come to those who wait, and we have a feeling that this smartphone will be a very good thing.


The company also released additional details about CyanogenMod, and how the phone will be built. On the point of the former, they say that CyanogenMod will be familiar, but it won’t be the exact same experience that ROM flashers on other devices are used to.

The OnePlus flagship device will see a departure from the familiar CyanogenMod. There will be new, specially customized features and new exciting elements to the CyanogenMod experience

We’re not sure how we feel about that just yet, but we suppose judgment can’t be passed until we see what they’re planning to do for ourselves. On the topic of hardware, OnePlus also told us that they’re not going to be skimping on this phone.

While they didn’t have any details to give us, we’re told to expect “only the best components” to be used on both the inside and out. They boldly claim that their phone is designed better than just about any smartphone on the market.

All that said, it’s tough to get excited when we haven’t seen so much as a press or concept render of the device. We do know which LTE bands will be supported — 1/3/4/7/17/38/39/40/41 — but OnePlus has pretty much left us in the dark about everything else. (By the way, those bands are fully compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile here in the United States.)

Regardless, we have faith that this new kid on the block won’t disappoint (especially considering the folks behind it were responsible for some of Oppo’s best phones).

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Prepare for the “I only want stock Cyanogenmod” comments…

    1. Yep.

      It’s not that I like Cyanogenmod – I haven’t even used it. But I’m fed up with the whole phone ecosystem being fractured. I know how to do something on my Galaxy Note 2 and I try to tell my dad for his LG phone, but of course it doesn’t work. If phones had been like PCs, that communication between users would be more straightforward.

      I don’t buy the argument of differentiation being needed AT ALL. Use premium components, quality control in manufacturing, modest customer support for hardware issues and for most software problems – push people onto forums (in this case Cyanogenmod forums). That is all I needed. And I’m convinced a company could succeed with that model. Too bad OnePlus doesn’t want to deliver.

      1. Well, if they keep on doing what Oppo did with the find5 and n1 – most likely they’ll cooperate with other community projects in addition to CM.

        See, for example, the Oppo N1, which was announced in partnership with CM. In addition to CM, Oppo provided early devices to quite a few projects (which is how Omni wound up with KitKat nightlies almost two weeks before you could even preorder the standard N1 outside of China.)

    2. I believe the words you were looking for is “brace yourselves”. Lololol.

      1. *are*

  2. Hopefully it has custom roms to get rid of Cyanogen :)

    1. Haha, which will eventually lead to another Android-ish OS. :P

  3. if the find and the N1 are any indication of the quality and innovation this phone will bring to the table i’m expecting great things for the Oneplus one.

  4. Ok T-Mobile is supported which means I’ll have to keep my eye on this. Better come with a Snapdragon 805.

  5. In the end, they won’t be able to beat the Nexus’ rockbottom price point, and no matter how many high-end specs they put inside this thing, most people just won’t — no matter how premium — pay $600+ for a smartphone. Sad but true.

    1. $690 for a Note3 means I’m not most people?… Yay! I’m a speshul snowflake!

      1. U can haz xpensiff smertfones and ur speshil.

    2. certainly not upfront, but they will and do pay that much either through finance or it being backloaded into their phonebill coughverizoncough..

  6. Honestly….cyanogenmod adds like 2 features to your phone not in android…i never understood the fluff with it…yeah they provide a great base and code that almost all roms use to make them great but thats all…id never buy a phone bc it had cyanogenmod over stock android i mean come on what does it truly add…the few times i installed cyan on my phone i rocked it for 2 mintues before i downloaded something else

    1. I’m not some hardcore cyanogen mod guy so I dont speak for everyone, I just learn enough to put it on devices, but lots of people love them because they simply give people a modern OS from devices that long lost support, or very slow support and they do it with no bloatware.

      Now I agree I would probably prefer stock android, but if they put out a no compromise high end phone with removable battery, SD card and all that other jazz that a nexus device lacks, they would have to be on a short list of considerations for a lot of people. I don’t know their plans but it would be nice if they put out a note 4 sized competitor too which is somethign else we may never see from the nexus line.

  7. Cyanogenmod is pure crap, OPPO N1 stock: 25:01 hours of battery for talk time, with crap Cyanogenmod 16:40…. In galaxy S2 is crap, in LG G2 is crap…

    1. I’m… William Shatner. Watch… me pull… numbers out of nowhere… in regards… to battery life… This… will prove the… software is responsible… Thank you…

      1. Man…I just laughed…so hard…I think you just killed me…! ;-)

        1. Thank you. I’ll be here for the next few years, at least.

  8. Touchwiz on a CM base. Yes!

  9. I think their whole naming thing could use a little more thought…what’s the next phone going to be? The OnePlus One 2?

    1. How about OnePlus One = Two

  10. I think some of the different roms out there are a great and really gives people a choice, but android is starting to remind me of a how there are many flavors of linux out there; it’s hard to know what i want anymore. It’s like going to a candy store, and lets say your only allowed one. It’s difficult to decide. So, I just stick to to stock and the nexus. + guaranteed the latest from android and no need to wait.

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