Dropbox update finally fixes Camera Upload issues on Android 4.4.2, adds new picture-only setting


Dropbox screen shots

Hallelujah! An update to Dropbox has hit the Play Store addressing incompatibility issues caused in Android 4.4.2 KitKat. For whatever reason, the app stopped background syncing pictures when using the Camera Upload feature. This meant you’d have to do everything manually (a real pain in the ass), or use a different service altogether (like Google Drive) to keep everything sync to the cloud.

Thankfully, the boys at Dropbox have finally patched everything up, even adding a new setting to limit Camera Uploads to only pictures, helping you keep some of that precious cloud storage free. Have it!

Download on Google Play: Dropbox

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  2. Dropsync > Dropbox camera upload.

  3. Can I getah aaaamen?!

  4. Had this issue since late december i think, thanks for the update!

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