Verizon Edge upgrade period goes from 6 months to 30 days


Verizon Edge might be getting even more sweet for Big Red customers who enjoy hopping from smartphone to smartphone. The company has announced that they’re reducing the wait time between upgrades from 6 months to just 30 days, giving folks a breakneck upgrade pace to be sure they’re consistently on the cutting edge of mobile tech.


Verizon Edge proved to be a pretty decent option for folks who found themselves wanting new smartphones early and often. Under the program, users are able to pay for their devices for $0 down payment with equal monthly installments for 24 months, and get the option to upgrade after 6 months if at least half of it has been paid off.

Don’t forget that said upgrade would come with the obligation to trade your previous smartphone in. It isn’t a great deal for everyone — especially considering it doesn’t lower your bill like some competing services — but it has proven to be quite helpful for many.

The caveat with this new change is that you’d still have to pay off at least 50% of the device in order to “Edge Up” to your next upgrade. That means if you upgrade right after the 30 day waiting period you’d likely be paying a couple of hundred dollars up front. That said, if you are getting the itch to upgrade and just can’t wait, this new option is right up your early.

verizon edge

A Verizon spokesperson told CNet that this change is currently being seen as a promotion, though Verizon has yet to set an actual end date (meaning they could be running this for quite some time). It’s possible Verizon wants to gauge market response to the changes, and see if it helps keep customers on-board who may be tempted to jump ship due to delectable offers from other carriers.

While it is important to understand what our competitors are doing, Verizon makes decisions based on what’s best for both our customers and business.

We’ll have to wait a few months to see if these particular decisions will produce the results Verizon is looking for. Head to Verizon’s site if you’re interested in upgrading your phone using Edge.


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  1. I’d rather sell my phone and buy a new one for the full price. Seems like it’d be a lot cheaper.

  2. This sounds like a really good deal…for Verizon. They get your money faster! and they get a newer, less used phone that they can sell for a higher price. Why did they ever have a limit anyway?

  3. You don’t have to pay half with T-Mobile this is just a waste of time and money for Verizon customers. I see more people jumping ship just as I did. In New York service is optimal for almost every carrier

  4. Why can’t we just get a law that states all phones must work with all carriers, and then cut carriers out of the whole phone electronics part of the business? NONE of the plan are a good “deal”!

  5. Seriously WTF Verizon. If you want to make your edge program better you should let all of your customers in on the deal not just new ones. At the very least you should allow the customers that you screwed over by eliminating the early 20th month upgrade and making them wait the full 24 months in on it. They signed a contract expecting one thing and were forced to do another. I don’t even have VZW and it still makes me mad.

    1. Thank you! I was charged for this however the sales rep did not explain this to me, instead just accused me of leaving too early. Oh well, happy on T-Mobile now.

  6. more newer used phones out there is always good. drives the prices down.

  7. Verizon forgot that they liked money too much to allow an actual decent offer to go for that long

  8. Lmao.. Everything was fine until you said you’d still have to pay off at least 50% Lmao…

  9. This is the stupidest ‘promotion’ I’ve read. Their business practices really are just money, money, money!

    1. That’s kinda the point of a business

      1. At this point and age how does Verizon sleep at night??

        1. Very comfortably, I would imagine… on a mattress made of money.

  10. I’d like to know why I had to pay the tax and the first month payment when I did this edge upgrade a month or so ago. How is that no money down?

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