Google Chrome update brings data compression and home-screen shortcuts



Big new update for you in the Google Play Store today, folks. Google Chrome is finally getting the data compression feature that has been in beta for quite some time, giving folks access to their favorite sites for less overall data. The money and bandwidth you’ll save loading each individual page might not be dramatic, but that stuff tends to add up.

The setting is off by default, so you’ll have to travel to Settings > Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage within the app. Google says this will also automatically enable a safe browsing mode, which is designed to protect you from malicious websites.

Google also added a new feature that’ll allow you to easily place a shortcut to any webpage on your home-screen. Simply go to the toolbar menu and select the “add to homescreen” option while you’re on the page you want to bookmark, and you’ll have immediate access to that site without having to open Chrome and fumble through menus and keyboards.

The upgrade should be rolling out through the Google Play Store at some point starting today, though Google is likely rolling it out to everyone in stages. Be sure to check your device to see if it’s ready to be pulled down. Otherwise, sit back and wait for your Play Store app to notify you of its arrival.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hope they addressed the crashing issues. it got so bad for me, I switched to Browser (which works well actually). Maybe I’ll give Dolphin a try again.

    1. Crash issue? I’m running Chrome on several devices and PCs without crashing.

      1. Same here. I use Chrome on every single device I own that can utilize it. I have no crashing issues at all. Only crashing issue I have is with Maps, but I overload the phone and do too much, too quickly which is my own fault sometimes.

        1. I’ve never had a chrome crash issue on any computer or phone I’ve ever used until this morning. chrome beta for android updated and now won’t open at all. standard chrome is working just fine still, as well as beta for windows on my 26 billion computers.

      2. Didn’t say PC, Chrome on my PC runs great. However on the phone it has been a nightmare.

        1. Yeah but I’m saying that I’m using Chrome on PCs AS WELL AS a bunch of other devices and it hasn’t crashed. That would include 2012 N7, 2013 N7, a Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy Nexus, a Sony Google TV….

    2. What crash? Are you sure you’re talking about chrome?

      1. Yes, I’m sure I’m talking about Chrome.

    3. chrome beta for android is crashing for me as well – nexus 4. standard chrome is working fine.

      1. For me it’s been the standard version.

    4. Well apparently no one else has seen our issue. If it’s not the occasional crashing for me, it’s the ‘New Tab’ button disappearing when I open up the app and have no tabs open. N5 here.

  2. False. The update does not exist on play store.

    1. It might be a staged rollout. In which case, people like me won’t see it for daaaaaays.

    2. I just got the update.

  3. Does it have word wrap yet? Or is the browser on a feature phone still better lol? I really want to use Chrome but not having word wrap is ridiculous.

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