Jan 15th, 2014

HTC One prototype 2

As we near the inevitable sequel of last year’s HTC One (who’s 1st birthday is only a few short months away) the boys at Engadget are giving us a rare look at a prototype version of the device, the HTC One that wasn’t. You might remember just before the HTC One was made official, a few versions — much like this one — were leaked out onto the net.

HTC One prototype 3

Featuring a soft touch finish and more edgy corners, the design was very reminiscent of the HTC 8X, HTC’s then Windows Phone. We have doubts that this was even a later prototype, having got our hands on an even later version during HTC’s One event in New York last year. The version we saw looked more like the HTC DROID DNA/Butterfly S, featuring dual-front facing speakers on an unmarked, glossy plastic shell.

HTC One prototype

While not mind blowing, it’s sometimes fun to take a look at the process that goes into designing our favorite devices. What do you guys think? Did HTC change the One for the better? Can’t wait to see what they have planned for the next version ( HTC M8).

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