Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature higher capacity, fast-charge 2,900mAh battery [RUMOR]


Samsung CES 2014 DSC05150

As we approach the anniversary of the Galaxy S4, rumors of its inevitable sequel have begun leaking out online. Yesterday, we got alleged “confirmation” of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s specs, highlighting hardware like a 2,560×1,440 resolution SAMOLED display, Exynos 6/Snapdragon 805 processor, 16MP camera, and Android 4.4 KitKat.

While battery size was left out of that particular leak, PhoneArena is hearing that, not only will it feature a 2,900mAh battery, but it will be using a new kind of Li-ion battery capable of packing the 20% more energy in the same amount of space. This new tech — provided by Sillicone Valley startup Amprius — even also allows for rapid charging for added convenience.

For now, we’ll take this with a pinch of salt. Where last year’s spec wars were simply a numbers game, it appears that this year we might finally see newer, better tech make its way into our favorite smartphones.


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  1. 29,000 huh?

  2. 29,000mah battery huh? Sweet!


    1. Ah!! He fixed it already. =.[

    2. It’s over 29000!!!

  3. They are sending Chris C is phone with that battery.

  4. That thing must be the size of a car battery :-D

    1. lol

  5. I wonder how long it will take to charge.

  6. I would like to take this time to point out that the battery is being provided by a company that’s NOT a cell phone company. I would like people to stop BASHING other cell phone makers for “battery life” as they are not the ones actually making the battery.

    Thank you.

    1. no they dont make the actual batteries of the phone… but they do dictate the “battery life.” It is totally up to Samsung/HTC/Motorola/LG to fit a higher capacity mAh battery inside the phone, or to make their kernal/rom more lean and optimized and battery friendly, or to use the most efficient processor available. All of those things are within their control and greatly influence battery life.

      That’s like saying dont blame the restaurant for your dinner tasting bad, because they don’t raise their own chickens.

      1. They do. New processors would come out and the processor would clearly state something like “Uses 20% less battery” or something close and people would comment “can we work on battery life?” I’m like really!? Did it not just say that!?

        They are working on things you just mentioned in your paragraph. It’s as if they don’t directly increase the battery size, then they’re ignoring battery life.

        There are other ways to increase battery life besides increasing the battery size. You mentioned them, and that’s what OEM’s are doing.

        Are they not?

        1. yes there are other ways of increasing battery life, but a lot of peoples concern’s are still valid. Because while yes 20% less battery the processor uses for the same tasks (and the processor actually doing heavy lifting is the biggest sucker of juice, not the screen), the these phones are also decreasing their battery efficiency in many other areas, for example, the transition from hpsa+ to LTE, screens growing in size and resolution, always listening features, more taxing games, video streaming becoming more common, more taxing photography and video software/modes. All of these things take more juice than their predecessors. So yes processors are getting much better every year, however so are the features that come with the phone.

          So unless you increase the battery size to a nice 3,000mah+ battery (im sure 2,900 is fine but 3,000 looks better on paper) You wont necessarily be downgrading in battery life from your previous phone, but odds are it might stay the same or improve marginally. And people have been wanting drastic improvements in battery life for quite some time.

    2. I think the battery company forces them to use it though, LOL

  7. I’m really hoping these specs turn out to be true, I wouldn’t mind going back to Samsung if this is what they offer with the S5.

  8. Just reading all these news on the S4 makes me want to know what they have in store for the Note 4. Sammy going all out as usual. Keep up the good work! I love Touch wiz! =)

    1. doess…. not… compute……


    2. You will start NERD RAGE by saying you like TouchWiz on this forum!

      1. lol, but i do love it. i tried stock, heck even cyanogenmod i couldn’t stand. I am NEVER going back to boring stock again. touchwiz has made my work life so much more productive.

        1. Same here. I got Nexus 7 for my father and played with it for a while and I didn’t like stock interface at all. I like touchWiz and the features that comes with it are way ahead than Stock version.

    3. I agree. Touchwiz is nice. It has it’s advantages. But I don’t care if a few people like stock more.

  9. 2,900mah isn’t enough for a QHD screen imo

    1. Especially not if the hardware Home button turns the screen on in my pocket every 2 minutes.

      1. yeah, that always happens ….. not. maybe it’s your skinny jeans, in that case you have a bigger issue.

        1. “Issue”? Innuendo intended?

      2. buy a flip cover. BOOM! problem solved.

  10. Hoping this is real. I’m about to start putting money aside now.

  11. If Samsung solves smart phone battery issues, then they are really going to crush the market. Whether it be through longer lasting batteries, or quick charging batteries.

    1. Hold out for the Galaxy S5 GPE. It should be the best of both worlds – great specs and no TouchWiz.

      1. If they do offer one, i’ll dump my N5 for it right now.

        1. I bet they will still gimp the GS5 GPE with having only 16GB internal storage. I sure hope Samsung follows suit from the Note 3 and makes 32GB the baseline SKU across the board, at leastleast for certain markets! I doubt it, however.

      2. that is exactly what i am going to do. i don’t love touchwiz and i don’t hate touchwiz. i kinda just tolerate it but giving the choice to do without it… i’m taking it

  12. now these are the type of tech advancements i like to read about.

  13. G2 has a 3000MAh battery and quick charge

    1. Mine lasts all day and is the first smartphone that I have owned that does this.

      1. Fantastic isn’t it!

    2. With a 1080p. Heavy optimization is required for that 2k display on the S5.

    3. Cool.

  14. Hopefully it’s not just referencing the Qualecom quick charge thing. Hopefully it’s something new and much faster.


    1. It will be a cold day in hell before I give up removable battery. Screw unibody, battery life + removable FTW

  16. The specs will always be there from Sammy, but the refinement on their skin is what’s gonna make this “perfect”. They need to deliver on that.

    1. The skin has never been a problem for me. If the hardware is solid and rather “future-proof” you can always tweak the software to your liking with third party launchers and stock-based ROMs. It’s so easy these days, especially with Samsung products. You start from great hardware and the skies the limit.

      1. Sorry for any poor grammer or spelling. Using my phone at the moment.

        Agreed, but sometimes you want a phone as is. Otherwise you buy the phone that an closets to what you want from the build to the skin to the way it functions. As far as phones have came, it’s getting less and less for me and I’m sure other users to root and flash.

        I just personally find TouchWiz a little outdated as far as cosmetic looks. Its very cluttered. It hasn’t changed much from Gingerbread as far as looks. They can use some refinement and overall a modern look. They kind of add to many in your face notifications and features. You get an annoying notification for almost everything you do. That little robotic voice on the S4 that spoke when you checked your photo in the gallery. Some things you can turn off, but why go through that hassle when you can fix the issue from the start. Its a very heavy skin. I’m not talking about the gimmick like features. Some of those I actually like or come in handy every now and then.

        Sometimes I want a phone for nearly what it is, not what I can do with it for when it cones to rooting and or using a launcher. Might as well get a Nexus if that was the case.

        1. Sure, out-of-the-box experience can be good enough for many consumers. But the reason I switched to Android from iOS a couple years ago was because I can do so much customization with an Android device. And the pleasures of rooting and flashing ROMs on Android are MUCH better than the headache of Jailbreaking my iPhones and iPads. I grew so tired of that mouse and cat game.

          “Sometimes I want a phone for nearly what it is, not what I can do with
          it for when it cones to rooting and or using a launcher. Might as well
          get a Nexus if that was the case”

          I feel you have that the other way around. I’ve always viewed Nexus devices as something an Android user would want who’s not keen on going crazy with customizations. It’s a “pure” Android experience with a Nexus device so no ugly TouchWiz or other manufacture skin to get in the way. Now, a powerful device like the Note 3 or G2? Those are a couple examples where an Android user who likes to run wild with custom software will like to play. Not a Nexus device.

  17. Wouldn’t it be possible to make this new li-ion battery available for the current s4 or even the s3? I wouldn’t mind throwing in this new battery if it holds 20% more power.

    1. That’s a good idea.

      1. It would be another perk for having a removable battery

  18. I’d be a lot more likely to look at a Samsung phone if it had a proper button configuration (aka, no menu button). The New Samsung pro tablets are a step in the right direction – I hope they carry this over to the S5/N4

  19. I wish an android device had a really nice camera like that nokia windows phone what was it 40 something MP?

    1. MP isnt everything but yes I agree, though the LG G2 camera is great

    2. Hold on to the Galaxy S5 Zoom, its going to be awesome, form factor slick as hell. I really look forward to the public’s view. It will be one of the many hits of the summer

  20. 2900 mAh sounds reasonable. I believe it.

  21. What is the need of 2,560×1,440 screen in a 5.2 inch phone?… ridiculous, is more important to have huge battery instead of that display, every new Galaxy is a worse than previous version. Today’s phone should have a battery at least 3000mah…

    1. at least 3000? did you even read the article… sigh.. and oh, i remember you, you’re the one who said, who needs 720p, then went on to say who needs 1080p.. lol

    2. on a samsung phone it makes more sense than other phones.
      samsung uses unusual subpixel layouts which cause visible patterns even with higher resolutions.
      this 2560×1440 screen will probably be as clear as a 1080p LCD screen.

    3. Can you explain how is it possible the Note 3 with a 1080 screen and just 100mah more than the Note 2 has a much better battery life?
      I would say it is 25 or 30% better than the note 2

      1. Don’t forget, the Note 3 also has a larger and brighter screen than the Note 2 AND has 2x the internal eMMC to power, along with 50% more RAM AND a beefier processor. It’s all about the SoC! Qualcomm has become to the mobile sector what Intel is to the PC market!

    4. So 2900 mAh isn’t close enough to 3000 mAh for you?

      1. I said “at least”, that means Galaxy S5 with that display should have much bigger battery.

    5. Every Galaxy does not get worse. What world do you live in? Just carry another battery pack if it’s that big a deal to you.

      1. For sure I don’t live in your world, I moved from Samsung to my current LG G2 and I don’t need any battery pack nor removable battery, my phone last all the day for the use I do, something imposible to do in my old Galaxy’s and I was expected that Samsung took in consideration this… shame on them.

        1. The S4 is rumored to have 2,900mAh battery, 3,500mAh battery, or 4,000mAh battery.

          The Galaxy Note 3 has a 3,200mAh battery.

          It’s not that you don’t need a battery pack. You couldn’t replace the battery in the G2 even if you wanted to.

          I have little respect for LG as a company because all they do is rip-off other products (HTC Evo 3D, Galaxy, etc.)

          I’ve yet to see how Samsung has failed.

          1. Personally I dont like LG, If I can I wont buy any LG product, but for the phone is different.

            About battery or to replace a battery, I dont need to do it, so I have no need for that.

            In my personal opinion, Samsung should improve by much the battery autonomy and change Amoled to IPS, as a photographer pro, it is big no no an Amoled display.

          2. Well SAMSUNG is using LPDDR4 RAM which will save power by about 20% I believe.

            I also think the new Exynos chip will be in every S5 and will also be low power.

            It’ll also pack 20% more power per charge and should have rapid charging.

          3. But it has a big drawback, the display (the same happens to Xperia Z1, when the display is on, it drains all the battery), still uses the battery eater technology named amoled and even worse because with that resolution you will need power for the display and lot of power to ascelerate the graphics… currently with my phone I’m not worried anymore for not using white backgrounds, because at the end of the day, midnight, I have still 30% of battery to use. Samsung has excelent screens, why they dont use them for phones?. For my point of view amoled for television maybe could be fine but not for phones.

          4. The extra mAh and charge speed/efficiency will compensate for the 2K display.

          5. Extra mAh?… there is no extra mAh in the specs and charge speed has nothing to do with the display.

          6. 2,900mAh is an upgrade from 2,600mAh.

            The new battery will be able to power the display and give long-term use.

            That’s the point.

          7. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          8. You’re not making very much sense and seem to be incapable of comprehending what I’m typing.

            Either that or you’re doing a very poor job of trying to convey your message.

          9. Lol

          10. “battery eater technology named amoled”

            Lol, what a failure…

            It is a “display technology”. And “amoled” must be in capital letters (“AMOLED”)

            Also, it is a “light-emitting diode”.

  22. It needs faster charging because it’s going to die every 4 to 6 hours pushing all those freaking pixels. 2560×1440= constant recharge.

  23. Love, Love, Love the fast charging that the USB 3.0 provides in the Note 3. Hope they integrate that into every new phone going forward. I can charge that beast in about 1.5hrs to full.

    1. I have my LG G2 and it fast charges in a litte more than 1 hour, nothing new here.

  24. I wish manufacturers could work on a screen that you can view completely clear on direct sunlight, for me 1080p is more than enough. And for people like me that works outside is very hard to see something on the phone unless you hide from the sun. Very annoying!!!! A little more battery juice wouldn’t hurt either.

  25. Hoping this is true, I am getting ready for my S5

  26. So, then when the battery blows up, they try and tell users to keep quiet about it like this poor guy –

    1. When you buy a S4, Samsung will should give for free the firefighter service :)

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