Jan 9th, 2014

Gmail banner

Yesterday, the Gmail app was updated (version 4.7.1) with the ability to set up your vacation responder, send and download attachments of any type, and print emails and attachments. It didn’t take long for Google to bring us another upgrade, though, as 4.7.2 seems to be rolling out to users. So what could a very minor .x.1 update bring us? Unnamed bug fixes, surely.

On the contrary, they actually added a pretty big feature that you may or may not notice — it’ll now automatically load images in emails. Google rolled this functionality out to desktop Gmail users a bit of time ago, but it wasn’t ready for public consumption on the mobile front just yet. We haven’t been able to find a setting for the feature just yet, but it seems to be enabled by default as soon as you’re upgraded to 4.7.2.

Google’s able to do this without fear of viruses and malware by scanning image files for threats as they come in. While the action of allowing images to show wasn’t a huge nuisance — it was one click of a button — it’s nice to have everything load without having to worry about it. You can find the download link for this upgrade below, with the update said to be rolling out to folks in the Google Play Store in phases.

[Download Link]