Jan 8th, 2014

For most folks, a WiFi hotspot has to be small, simple, solid and effective. The biggest concerns are usually battery life and signal strength, and most OEMs tend to focus on that and nothing more. But ZTE took it upon themselves to change our train of thought on what a hotspot should be.

The little guy you see in the video above runs Android on a tiny display, giving you access to the operating system at 480 x 800 resolution. While color displays and light OSs on hotspots aren’t new, a couple of other elements on this bad boy is.

For starters, ZTE has chucked a projector inside, giving you a way to beam video content (any surface’ll do) at up to 120 inches in size. This could be great for showing a quick presentation on the go, though we’d understand it if you found difficulty finding tons of practical use-cases for this thing.

This WiFi hotspot also has an insane 5,000mAh battery, which just sounds like a dream come true for a hotspot device. While that battery’s main use is to charge a smartphone using its built-in microUSB port, we’re excited about the prospect of all-day hotspot goodness alone. It’ll serve up 3G and 4G speeds whenever you need it, though that’s subject to carrier approval (we imagine they’d only help you out if they officially sold it themselves).

While everyone’s getting all googley-eyed over smart watches and connected cars this year, we’re secretly hoping that this WiFi hotspot forces others to come up with a solution that’s just as useful as this one should turn out to be. There’s a quick look at it above, and then you can let your eyes wander below for a sample of video playback through that projector.

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