AT&T to be the exclusive US carrier of the ASUS Padfone X



AT&T has just announced that they will have exclusive rights in the United States to carry the ASUS Padfone X. This phone/tablet combo is quite unique. The phone itself is a 5-inch device, and it can be docked into the back of a 9-inch tablet dock that has its own display and battery. It’ll feature Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box and support for LTE-Advanced, though there weren’t many other specs revealed at this point.

“We are committed to delivering our customers the most innovative and compelling device portfolio,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of devices at AT&T. “The PadFone X is first of its kind in the U.S. It combines leading technology, a beautiful design and a remarkably seamless application experience – all on the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network.”

The original Padfone created a lot of noise, but its limited global availability made it an afterthought for most people. It should be a very interesting device among a group of heavy hitters on AT&T’s store shelves, though, so we’re interested in seeing how it’ll do here in the United States. ASUS still has a press conference coming up later today, so stay tuned as we look to get more info about the Padfone X in the moments to come.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Exclusivity is lame. Hope it comes to T-Mobile soon

    1. Fortunately my has AT&T so either it will be unlocked for Tmo or put it on her planning!! Geeked

  2. Balls… I really wanted a device like this

    1. Supernatural? =.3

  3. This some bull

  4. This is a good pick up for ATT. Too bad ATT isn’t my carrier.

  5. Of course it’s AT&T…

  6. Why AT&T? Are we being punished for something we did wrong?

  7. This is awesome news! Honestly never thought we’d see this come to the states ever (and couldn’t figure out why).

    This is the reason I chose AT&T over Verizon, having access to awesome Android devices like this.

    1. Soon it will be because of the sponsored data to your favorite Google sites.

  8. my contract is up on 4/21/14, now #verizon knows why I’m leaving finally

  9. Damn it! I hope it supports LTE on T-Mobile so I can buy it full price.

  10. I wonder if you could insert different handsets into the dock/tablet? why not, right?

    1. Unlikely. The slot is likely designed for their phone specifically.

      1. I meant someone else’s padfone … Who didn’t have the dock for whatever reason

  11. Wow! AT&T? Too bad I’ve been waiting for this on T-Mobile. I wonder if it will support T-Mobile bands.

  12. One reason this won’t do so well, ATT will feel the need to charger way more than this thing will be worth, I can already see that happening

  13. Nooooo. I don’t want to switch to AT&T. Please Tech Gods make this work on T-Mobile also.

    1. It will. It only won’t work on those areas with the re-framed (spell check) network.

      What I’m getting at is that if it doesn’t have the proper band, you will only get 2G, maxed, in certain areas.

      You can use an unlocked GSM phone on AT&T and Tmo interchangeably. A Tmo phone would work on both regardless. An AT&T phone would need that specific band or you’d get 2G only.

  14. If unlocked, I am definitely getting on my Tmo plan.

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    ✹✹✹ ✹✹✹✹ ✹⿾✹✹ ✹✹✹✹ ✹✹✹✹This is a good pick up for ATT. Too bad ATT isn’t my carrier.

  16. If this runs stock Android I’m gonna be all over this.

  17. Why At&t, why???

    1. Why? Because only AT&T has the insight to understand that if you see the exact same web page on a larger screen, then you should pay more for your data plan.

  18. Using straight talk will buy the phone outright

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