Polaroid unveils Q series tablets ahead of CES, offer KitKat for as low as $129



For the past several years Polaroid has made a few feeble attempts at jumping on the Android bandwagon. There were, of course, a couple flavors of Android-powere cameras. Then there were the tablets, of the kiddie and regular variety. None were particularly impressive, but Polaroid hopes to change that this year with the announcement of three new KitKat-powered slates as part of their new Q series.

That’s right. At the very least, these three budget-oriented devices ship with Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box, which is more than a lot of devices can boast. Otherwise the spec list isn’t all that notable. There is quad-core processing, though it likely won’t blow away the benchmark tests, and HDMI video output as part of the package, but otherwise don’t expect much from Polaroid’s lineup of Q tablets.


Three models will be on display next week at CES, which seems to be their preferred location to unveil devices that will quickly be forgotten by tech fans and probably never noticed by the general public. The Q7 features a 7-inch display while the Q8 and Q10 feature 8-inch and 10.1-inch displays respectively. The real selling point on these guys, though, is the price. The Q7 will retail for $129 while the largest option isn’t much more expensive at $179.


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  1. Lol bezels galore…

  2. A $179 10″ quad core with kitkat sounds pretty sweet to me.. Why are you bashing Polaroid throughout the article? “most likely be forgotten about by the general public” “don’t expect much from them”… This article should be labeled opinion

    1. didn’t they die when digital cameras became a thing

      1. This is a different company, they bought the name out of the bankruptcy of the real Polaroid.

        1. Actually, I think a different company bought the Polaroid name and is licensing it to this company.

    2. Lots of folks got burned by previous Polaroid devices and it greatly colors their opinions of future products almost to the point of irrationality.

    3. Here is why no one will like this tablet; it will most likely feature an SD or semi HD (720×1280) display. as soon as you stretch this resolution to 10.1 in., it will become extremely grainy and pixley. also, this tablet has large bezels, is very thick, and will be heavy and difficult to hold and transport. And don’t think for a second that just because it has quad core processing that it will be fast. The real factor that makes processors faster is the architecture of the processor. I won’t get into that fancy stuff here. basically these tablets are going to be very poor performers with eye menacing screens. and who wants that?

      1. Snapdragon 600 is what’s predicted for it, that and a 720p display in a 10 inch tablet for 179 is an incredible deal. I’m highly doubt that a company that’s also announcing a 4k TV for a grand is going to go less that 720p on these tablets. Not everyone has 300-500 to spend on a 1080p tablet with a Snapdragon 800. And are you so smug to call 720p eye menacing?

        1. 720p on a 10.1 inch screen, that’s 145.4 ppi. that kind of sucks

          1. Most laptops have a lower ppi

  3. Huh, this is meant for kids to toss it around right… look at that giant “protective” layer of bezel lol…

  4. Well Kevin is an Apple lover.

  5. Is it possible for you to write in an unbiased journalistic manner? Why so much hate? They’re obviously targeting the budget market. It’s not going to be your precious iPad air and everyone knows that.

  6. The real selling point is the price. Mind boggling.

  7. Ouch. Kind of a scathing tone in this article.

    These devices might be cheap, but they’d be decent for a kid’s tablet or an Internet access device for someone who doesn’t need a high powered tablet, but needs to get online or send email, or play a game here and there. I’m pretty sure they aren’t meant to compete with high end tablets.

  8. The tone of the article likely comes from the fact that polaroid has been one of the companies selling very horrid android tablets over the past couple years, making buyers think that Android is a second or even third class platform because the “new” tablet they bought lagged performing even simple task.

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