Intel to bring dual-boot Android/Windows devices to CES?



A tablet or netbook with the ability to dual-boot between various versions of Windows and Android is not an entirely new concept, but it is one that has not become exceptionally mainstream. According to a number of sources, Intel might be looking to change that perception at this year’s CES with the announcement of several devices with such capabilities. The only problem? Neither Google nor Microsoft seem all the keen on the idea.

With Windows PC sales already on the decline, Intel sees the addition of Android as a way to raise consumer interest, though other manufacturers doing just that have seen mixed results in the past. Aside from being generally clunky devices, dual-boot systems typically settle for compromises in implementing both Windows and Android. The result is a device not especially tailored to either operating system. Intel could improve on this with their current breed of CPU and x86-optimized versions of Android, but it still might be a reach.


As for Google and Microsoft, reports are stating the the latter is actively attempting to convince partners to nix Android from the devices they plan to show at CES. Google could take an even more proactive approach refusing to certify such devices for use with Google Play and other services. \

As The Verge notes, the introduction of hybrid devices from Intel at CES is sure to generate headlines, and that might ultimately be the goal. The actual success of such a device, or it’s ability to salvage a slumping PC market, could be fleeting if history is any indicator.

[via The Verge]

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  1. It’s cool but it will take away from the amount of available storage for my Android OS. :-)

  2. How about single boot android, x86 and all the FOSS drivers intel is famous for providing?
    I can dream, can’t I?

  3. on one hand ms Troll patent wants to destroy android but on other side it wants android dual boot tablets to save it…ms is such a scum bag .

    1. Did you read the article? MS does not want Android and Windows dual boot devices, Intel does.

      1. Intel that makes x86 processor just for MS crappy windoze…windoze is cash cow for intel. Android runs on Arm processor which is declining Intels profit..Intel is a proxy for Ms just like sco unix was

  4. Still upset that the Samsung ATIV Q didn’t make it to production because of patent issues w/ dual-boot OS. I’ve been wanting a dual-boot device for a long time!

  5. Neat, except I would never boot into the Windows OS.

  6. I tried a Dell Win8.1 tablet and loaded Intel Android under VirtualBox. It actually worked but Win8 just too awkward as tablet so returned it.

  7. I guess I’m the only one who thinks this is cool haha.

  8. Intel always rocks with it’s technology by leading it’s revals like google and microsoft. I think with this android entry it will become more powerful.

  9. Android can hold its own weight, no need to dual boot into windows.
    I will be getting my hands on this hopefully at CES and then order it once it’s available
    I will review it over at
    Check it out

  10. I would freakin’ love this. There’s plenty of stuff I still need Windows for.

  11. continues to impatiently wait for this (like the other half dozen or so articles about it so far)

  12. I am still waiting for the 100 Intel tablet that never came out. Where is that new magic CPU?

  13. The only thing missing from Android is print drivers. With all the office apps, pdf support Web browsers email support, Dorid does

    1. What about Cloud Print?

      1. Who is going to send personal or internal business documents to an external server. Not going to happen.

  14. It would be pretty sick if we could load android on an old laptop or desktop rather then buying entirely new device!

    1. IKR!? I would buy one in a heartbeat. I would love to be playing some computer game, then switch to Android mode when I’m on the go.

  15. I would actually like to see this happen but I want a screen size as 5.7″

    1. that would be a pretty small tablet…

  16. Until then check out blue stacks.

    1. I’ve been using this for a while now and it works great. Its basically a virtual machine for android.

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