Jan 2nd, 2014

t-mobile 2014

Everyone’s got New Year’s resolutions… even if you’re a big wireless carrier who waves a magenta flag proudly. On Twitter, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere posted a photo of him checking off the company’s 2013 goals, including the following list of big happenings that went down:

  • End 2 year service contracts
  • End upgrade runarounds
  • Make the world your network — no extra charge
  • Unleash tables and give away free data for life
  • Deliver nationwide 4G LTE network

Pretty impressive list, Tmo. So what’s on tap for the year ahead now that they’ve “shaken up” the wireless industry? They want to “transform” it. Here’s the newest list of goals:

  • Continue to remove customer pain points
  • 4G LTE — go faster, go LOUD
  • Un-shackle the family from those other guys
  • Make waves at CES 2014
  • Give AT&T a break… or not

Interesting. There’s not much we can take from that particular list except for the fact that T-Mobile wants to continue to attack the status quo when it comes to family plans, improve their 4G LTE offering, and continue trolling AT&T on Twitter and in ads. We’re also reminded that the company plans to unveil unCarrier 4.0 at CES, an event we’ll undoubtedly look to cover.

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