Jan 2nd, 2014

Google Bump

Back in September, it was announced that Google had bought Bump for an undisclosed amount. Makers of a wireless transfer application for Android/iOS, the future of the app on shaky ground. That being said, we had a feeling it was only a matter of time before the service would officially come to an end.

Today, Bump CEO David Lieb once again took to the company blog, announcing that both their Bump and Flock app will be removed from the appropriate app stores come January 31st. Don’t worry about your photos or anything else stored in the cloud. Bump is giving users the chance to download all their data before then before everything gets wiped clean from their servers.

Bump screenshots

But it’s not all bad news. With Bump now being absorbed into Google, we wonder if their proprietary tech wont soon be used to super charge Android Beam in a future firmware update. Remember, with Nokia suing the pants off of HTC for using NFC to Bluetooth data transfer, Bump’s technology might just be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Download on Google Play: Bump | Flock

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