Google buys Bump, will they use it to supercharge Android Beam?



You guys remember Bump? It was an app that was all the rage a few years back and was used to easily transferring contact info, pictures, files, etc. between 2 devices by simply “bumping” them together. Following the recent trend of tech companies like Motorola, Wimm, Waze, and others getting snatched up by Google, Bump is now the latest addition to the house that Larry and Sergey built.

Bump’s CEO and co-founder David Lieb revealed the “good news” via the company blog, saying they couldn’t be “more thrilled” to be joining up with the fine folks over at Google. While there was no word on what Google plans on doing with Bump, our hope (as always) is that this will be incorporated into future versions of Android, where Bump’s proprietary technology could help supercharge features like Android Beam, wireless photo sharing, or possibly even Google Wallet.

Bump has currently garnered between 10 and 50 million downloads in the Play Store alone and is one of the bigger names in mobile. More recently, the company released a 2nd app into the Play Store dubbed Flock, an app for allowing the easy sharing of photos with others during the same event (much like Samsung’s Buddy Photo Share app). It was, no doubt, the failure to monetize their services that led them into Google’s arms, although the exact amount of money behind the deal hasn’t been disclosed.


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