Sony: look forward to new devices — including wearables — in 2014


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With 2013 coming to a close, Sony is putting a nice big stamp on the year with a recap of all their big device launches this year. From the Xperia Z launched at CES to the Xperia Z1 at IFA Berlin and everything in between, the company has been quite business. We also saw the launch of the Sony SmartWatch 2, as well as the first Sony device to get the Google Play Edition treatment (the Sony Xperia Z Ultra).

But what’s in store for 2014? More great phones and tablets, we imagine. But Sony says they’ll be taking the year to explore even more new and exciting form factors, including the “wearables” category that has become oh-so-popular in recent months. Sony was one of the first major players in this space, so it’s only natural for them to continue on that path.

That they left the possibilities open to the entirety of the “wearables” category isn’t lost on us. Could we expect some Google Glass-like products from Sony? A new fitness band like the Samsung Galaxy Band or LG LifeBand Touch? Or is Sony just going to continue on the smart watch path?

Any number of things can happen, so we’ll let our imagination continue to run wild as we await those things in the year to come. Regardless, it looks like Sony is setting out to make 2014 a great year, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

[via Sony]

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