Dec 31st, 2013

lg lifeband touch

Wearable technology has gained quite the steam in 2013, with the likes of Google Glass and tons more smart watches being introduced. It looks like 2014 is poised to be even better, and LG might be one of the next major players to get in on the fun.

Twitter leakster @evleaks has given us a look at the LG Lifeband Touch, a wrist-dwelling device that doesn’t seem to have a heads-up display. The “touch” in its name suggests you’ll be able to interact with it in some way, shape or form using the tap of a finger, but we’re obviously not sure what that interaction would be just yet.

This thing would obviously come to market as a fitness tracker, not totally unlike Nike’s FuelBand+, the FitBit, or the rumored upcoming Samsung Galaxy Band. Those devices grab bodily vitals like your heart rate, and tracks how much and how often you move about (be it a brisk walk in the park or a rigorous workout routine).

With a render being leaked so close to CES 2014 we’d naturally hope to see it at the big show in Vegas, but we’ll have to wait until LG’s official ceremonies kick off before we’re let in on any secrets.

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