Dec 23rd, 2013

Weird Galaxy Gear ad

We’ve been a little apprehensive about the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the real usefulness it offers outside the hardcore tech crowd. A smartwatch that has been struggling to hit mainstream success (compatibility outside Galaxy devices hasn’t helped), one area Samsung really knocked it out of the ballpark was in the initial ad spots that accompanied the Galaxy Gear’s release back in October.

No matter your thoughts on the wearable, Samsung’s clever use of nostalgia from our favorite television shows really struck a chord with us. Maybe that’s why Samsung’s latest ad for the Gear felt so… weird. There’s really no better way to describe it. Titled “Are You Geared Up?”, the cringe-worthy video features a strapping young fella who is able to win the affections of a beautiful young lass by showing her all the cool things he can do with his Galaxy Gear. Yeah. You’re going to want to watch the video below.

The craziest part is this isn’t even the strangest ad Samsung has published this year. A few weeks ago, Samsung’s ad for their latest solid state drive began buzzing around the net for all the wrong reasons. Besides those who found the ad a bit sexist (it’s since been pulled, but you can find it here), it features acting and mannerisms about as awkward as we saw in the latest Galaxy Gear ad.

To be fair, the actor in the SSD video made an attempt to vindicate himself on Reddit, where he mentioned this type of “cheesy acting” was exactly what Samsung’s production company asked for. He went on to explain that the ad was never meant for US audiences, but was merely a promotional video for non-native English speakers. Fair enough.

What do you guys think? When it comes to the latest Galaxy Gear video, do we have a contender for “worst ad of the year” on our hands? Before you decide, you might want to check out Nokia’s creepy “mullet” ad for their Lumia 2520.

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