Samsung’s latest Galaxy Gear ad might be the worst of the year [VIDEO]


Weird Galaxy Gear ad

We’ve been a little apprehensive about the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the real usefulness it offers outside the hardcore tech crowd. A smartwatch that has been struggling to hit mainstream success (compatibility outside Galaxy devices hasn’t helped), one area Samsung really knocked it out of the ballpark was in the initial ad spots that accompanied the Galaxy Gear’s release back in October.

No matter your thoughts on the wearable, Samsung’s clever use of nostalgia from our favorite television shows really struck a chord with us. Maybe that’s why Samsung’s latest ad for the Gear felt so… weird. There’s really no better way to describe it. Titled “Are You Geared Up?”, the cringe-worthy video features a strapping young fella who is able to win the affections of a beautiful young lass by showing her all the cool things he can do with his Galaxy Gear. Yeah. You’re going to want to watch the video below.

The craziest part is this isn’t even the strangest ad Samsung has published this year. A few weeks ago, Samsung’s ad for their latest solid state drive began buzzing around the net for all the wrong reasons. Besides those who found the ad a bit sexist (it’s since been pulled, but you can find it here), it features acting and mannerisms about as awkward as we saw in the latest Galaxy Gear ad.

To be fair, the actor in the SSD video made an attempt to vindicate himself on Reddit, where he mentioned this type of “cheesy acting” was exactly what Samsung’s production company asked for. He went on to explain that the ad was never meant for US audiences, but was merely a promotional video for non-native English speakers. Fair enough.

What do you guys think? When it comes to the latest Galaxy Gear video, do we have a contender for “worst ad of the year” on our hands? Before you decide, you might want to check out Nokia’s creepy “mullet” ad for their Lumia 2520.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Chris, I thought if anybody would love this ad it would be you ;)

    1. I’m literally “that guy” but with Google Glass. Ha ;P

  2. Too bad this horrible ad will actually be super effective :(

    1. I thought the ad did a great job showing the features of the Gear, but until they lower the price on this thing it’s all for naught.

      1. They forgot to show the guy charging that thing between each scene

        1. Not defending the marketing,but,the GEAR hardly needs to be recharged as much as the bloggers would lead one to believe.
          I consistently got two full days of use from mine.

  3. he murdered her… she’s dead now. thanks Samsung for giving stalkers the tools to be more effective. lol

  4. who on earth can’t see a phone that’s literally dropped 2 feet from them

  5. I couldn’t finish it

    1. Trust me. The end, where he wiggles it at the camera, is the best part.

      1. Uhhh, it can’t be better (or worse ) than the image in my head….

    2. neither could I

  6. Stalker Jack.

  7. so i can either flush my money down the toilet or go buy this.


  8. the tech isn’t there yet. I hope 2014 will be the year the watch is useful for the amount of money we’ll spend on it.

  9. That was really really bad

  10. This was worst than I thought it would be.

  11. Samsung really tried too hard on this flop, or not trying at all O_o?

  12. Super cheesey / cliche

  13. Jesus… the SSD video gives the Gear video a run for its money in awkwardness. What the hell is Samsung thinking with these things?

  14. It’s like late night paid programming, where they make every day normal stuff look so can you survive without galaxy’ll drop your phone and never find it.

  15. Terrible.. and somebody got paid a lot of money for it.. haha

  16. i think its supposed to be corny

    1. Yeah, just the type of ad to grab those avant gardes who like ads that are “supposed to be corny..”

      Seriously, who is the audience? It was so bad it looked like a parody of a clueless microsoft ad at times.

      If Apple ever comes out with a watch, they’ll kill Samsung ads like this just like they did with the “Mac vs. PC”. Intentionally awkward is still awkward.

  17. I actually thought it was pretty good, can’t wait to see the movie. Wait what?! This isn’t the trailer for Hostel 4?
    Oh and correct me if I am wrong but it’s not water proof, not sure skiing is a good idea. Samsung has made me glad that I returned mine…

  18. Whether this was intentionally cheesy is anyone’s guess,as some of the decision makers on such are clueless & out of touch as to what has broad mass appeal.

    However,the STOOPID AWARD goes to the VZW commercial for the NOTE 3/GEAR Combo,where the subject in the ad is holding the NOTE 3 & answers the phone w/the GEAR.

  19. C’mon I can do that with my swatch I bought at a North Korean Flea market back in 1987

  20. Was that a promo for a Law and Order SVU episode?

    1. Lol you’re a riot

  21. It is the worst of the year. So cheesy that I could not finish it. Out of boy Sammy!

  22. it is better ad than apple iPhone stupid Christmas ad

  23. douche-chills

  24. nobody wants your forced garbage samsung…go back to tvs your drunk

  25. One of the worst I’ve ever seen

  26. Marketing, pure and simple. Samsung could care less if most folks don’t like this commercial! Its designed to appeal to certain people… if 1 out of 20 are drawn to the subject of the commercial enough to buy one Galaxy Gear, this campaign will be more successful then anyone who hates it would imagine! Besides, the negative attention here will fuel even more Gear sales! Who cares whether it turns a few people off! Its about who it turns on!

    1. The YouTube video has like 10-1 dislike to like ratio. Also comments and ratings have been suspended on the video. So maybe Samsung does care about negative feedback. This curtain people you claim the video was made for have a name. They’re called morons, who actually would watch this is and think even one of those scenarios would play out like that simply because they have a watch that has a third of the functions of your phone which is just a pocket reach away.

  27. One thing! How that guy used the gear while wearing GLOVES. Does its touchscreen work even when wearing gloves?

  28. This made me want to kill myself. Not sure how I got through the whole thing.

  29. lol the “find it” part is the worst

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