Dec 19th, 2013


Need a little something to nudge you toward buying an OUYA this holiday season? Amazon’s got you covered with $10 off the gaming box, giving you an affordable Android-based gaming experience for just $90 (8GB, but expandable using USB storage).

OUYA features NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor and 1GB of RAM, and comes with a unique wireless controller that features a touchpad on the front. It’s no secret that OUYA is getting a bit dated. While the Tegra 3 chipset was mighty good for its time, it has since been outclassed by the Tegra 4 silicon NVIDIA’s currently focusing on (and we won’t even mention the extremely powerful Qualcomm chipsets on the way).

OUYA’s biggest challenge since knocking it out of the park on Kickstarter has been garnering enough interest from developers to keep the quality games rolling in. The team has worked quite hard to get a couple of high quality exclusive titles worked up for it, but a vast majority of the console’s content can already be found in places like the Google Play Store for tons more devices.

It’s especially difficult once you consider the fact that the PS4 and Xbox One have come out and sold millions within their first few weeks of availability. It would appear that OUYA is the forgotten step child in this big gaming family.

All that aside, if all you’re looking for is an open, developer-friendly gaming box for your sizable television set then this could be worth the trouble. Head to Amazon if you want to take advantage.

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