Angry Birds Star Wars receives its final upgrade; adds 30 new levels


All Rovio games have to come to an end, and that point has come for Angry Birds Star Wars. The game developer has announced that the title has received its final upgrade. This one adds a whopping 30 new levels which consist of 15 space battles on a “Star Destroyer,” and another 15 on the Death Star.

“Lard” Vader and the Emporer will star in the game’s final boss battles, with the former finally being unmasked for the world to see. Exciting stuff indeed. Of course, the end of the line for Angry Birds Star Wars doesn’t mean much as Rovio is already keeping the fun going with Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (Google Play link). Give that free download a go if you have yet to get enough of this whacky clash between two very different worlds. As for this upgrade, you can find it sitting in the Google Play Store right here.

[via Rovio]

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  1. people still play Angry Birds? That’s so 2011…

    1. Got sick of it half way through the previous update.

  2. Update*

  3. Anything Angry Birds upsets me. That Angry Birds go-kart game, though. =.=
    I still can’t believe they did that.

  4. This is actually pretty creative. I thought Angry Birds was going to copy Star Wars minute for minute.

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