Dec 16th, 2013

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon is trying lots of different things to help get Kindle Fire tablets into homes this holiday season. Earlier this winter, we saw the company offer free 30-day trials for the device, giving folks a way to try it before they buy it without paying a dime (so long as they sent the tablet back before the trial period was over). Now, they’re taking things a step further.

Amazon has offered a new interest-free 9-month payment plan to select customers looking to buy any version of the Kindle Fire HDX. You pay just 25% of the cost up-front, and you’ll be charged another 25% every 3 months afterward until the device is paid off.

You’re also getting an option to pay the device off in full at any time, giving you a flexible way to get a great holiday gift for yourself or a loved one without having to break the bank all at once. Most folks with accounts in good standing seem to be eligible for the option, so be sure to hit this link to see if you’ll be able to take advantage (you’ll have to be signed in with your Amazon account in order for it to show up).

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