Gmail for Android inline images will automatically load in 2014; try it out on desktop today


gmail inline images

If, for whatever reason, you’re not cool with having to click a button to have your images automatically load whenever you open an email, Google’s finally going to solve all that. An upgrade to Gmail in early 2014 will allow you to have images load automatically.

Google typically warns users about loading images because of the threat of image-based malware, but the company will look to implement an automatic checker that will scan the files as the email comes through. If everything checks out, you’ll be able to open the email and see the image as if you were loading any old webpage.

Don’t like giving up control? Google says this will be optional, and will be customizable under the General tab in Settings with the “Ask before displaying external images” option. Desktop users will be seeing this new functionality starting today, while the mobile app will be getting it in “early 2014.”

[via Google]

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  1. Love how they can implement all these little niche features and options and yet stuck using something like conversation view & unable to simple sorting.

  2. Finally. Even when selecting “Always display images from this user” it NEVER saves correctly. Having it on by default should provide for a nice fix.

    1. I’m on the other side about this. I’m good with how it is right now. I never click “Always display”, because that’s how advertisers/spammers track whether you read their emails or not. Every URL of an image has unique ID that refers to that specific email they sent you. Me not enabling it of course is against Google’s interest, as they get paid by advertisers exactly for that, so don’t think Google has made it out of good will.

      1. If you’re that worried about spam, you should make an exclusive spam email to give away. Also, this will screen the images and be given through Google servers, seems like good will to me versus what others do, oh yeah… nothing

        1. What do you mean nothing? Everybody’s approach suits me just fine – see above. I like pictures not showing up by default.

    2. Yeah!! I try to Always display them on my phone, then I go on my desktop and I have to click it again!

      I just switched from Yahoo to Gmail and this is the only thing I hate about Gmail lol

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