Dec 10th, 2013

samsung 10 million short

Yet another Samsung device has joined the 10 million sales club. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reached that feat, joining every other flagship release since the original Samsung Galaxy S launched in 2010. It’s been just about two months since the Note 3 was released, which means the Galaxy Note 3 was only just shy of meeting the pace that the Galaxy S4 achieved.

What does this mean? Well, phablets are popular and people want huge phones, apparently. Many folks scoffed at the idea that big phones could be popular. Most people professed they’d get a tablet if they wanted a tablet, so a smaller phone was more desirable.

But Samsung brings more to the table than just an increased screen size. The innovative S-Pen features make for an experience you can’t quite find on any other smartphone. Samsung has closed the feature gap a bit by bringing things like multi-view and AirView to the Galaxy S4 and others, but the S-Pen still provides a unique level of productivity that many appreciate.

You can find out about all of that and more in our official review, so be sure to read that if you want to see why, exactly, Samsung was able to sell so many of these things in such a short period of time. Be sure to find the full list of Samsung’s 10 million sellers below (right click to enlarge).

samsung 10 million[via Samsung]


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