Samsung Galaxy Note 3 surpasses 10 million sales


samsung 10 million short

Yet another Samsung device has joined the 10 million sales club. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reached that feat, joining every other flagship release since the original Samsung Galaxy S launched in 2010. It’s been just about two months since the Note 3 was released, which means the Galaxy Note 3 was only just shy of meeting the pace that the Galaxy S4 achieved.

What does this mean? Well, phablets are popular and people want huge phones, apparently. Many folks scoffed at the idea that big phones could be popular. Most people professed they’d get a tablet if they wanted a tablet, so a smaller phone was more desirable.

But Samsung brings more to the table than just an increased screen size. The innovative S-Pen features make for an experience you can’t quite find on any other smartphone. Samsung has closed the feature gap a bit by bringing things like multi-view and AirView to the Galaxy S4 and others, but the S-Pen still provides a unique level of productivity that many appreciate.

You can find out about all of that and more in our official review, so be sure to read that if you want to see why, exactly, Samsung was able to sell so many of these things in such a short period of time. Be sure to find the full list of Samsung’s 10 million sellers below (right click to enlarge).

samsung 10 million[via Samsung]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like a great phone. I can’t update from my Note 2 right now without paying a hefty fee, but I plan on getting the Note 4 :)

    I can’t see myself using a ‘regular’ sized phone anymore.

    1. Same here. Maybe. I’m getting tired of plastic though, may head over to Motorola

      1. yeah at times I think about Apple, simply for the build quality. Then I think about everything I’d miss out on leaving android and I forget about it. If another phablet comes around with similar specs to Note 3 though, I’d gladly leave Samsung.

        1. I agree. If or when another company can produce a similar product with better build or more powerful. I will galdly embrace this superior device. I don’t care about brand more than I do the specs and features.

    2. I have tried to myself and it just isn’t the same. Once you get used to the big, vibrant screen of the NOTE 3, everything else you use is like….meh. The LG G2 (although a nice phone) was even too small with its capasitive buttons taking up some of the screen real estate (screen quality was nice though). It also presented the same glossy/slippery back I escaped from the NOTE 2. Hands down, it should have been the device of the year.

  2. I remember when the original note came out and all the reviewers, this one included said nice phone, but you look ridiculous holding it ups to your face to make a call. Now 5″ is mainstream

  3. Best pHone out right now.

    1. Yep, pretty much

      I also have an iPhone 5s but I tend to use the Note 3 a whole lot more. Features out the wazoo

    2. I agree 100%. With powerful specs and exclusive features due to the S-PEN, there is non like it. However, people have brand loyalty and some may have bought it because it is a Samsung device, being totally oblivious to its powerful specs. For instance, I had to teach my barber and his wife some of the cool features on their Note 3 that they ddn’t even know was there. IMO this is a dominant device in many (not all) categories. the bulid quality (although not perfect) is a perfect upgrade from my Note 2 (shiny glossy/slippery back). I truly am upset with the horrible looking UI, but whats funny is, I always find myself switching back to it. The S-Pen integrates so well with it that I tend to overlook its aesthetic shortcomings. I have had many Android phones starting with HTC G1 (O.G. of Android) and this is the best device out. The numbers reflect this opinion amongst many.

      1. I immediately installed nova launcher on mine. Touchwiz, like sense, is an eye sore in my opinion.

        1. LOL. I agree.

  4. I simply love my note 3

  5. What still amazes me is how many brainwashed people are loyal to Apple, and have stayed in the dark and continue to blindly follow it.
    How many years was 4g lte out before apple got it. Build quality? My boss got an iphone 5 and the screen was cracked in less than a month.
    Apple has the lowest grade hardware of any smart phone. It really disgusts me, Americans seem to be the only fools willing to buy an underpowered outdated phone just because it is pretty and its build quality, which I question. So far none of my Samsung tablets or phones have fallen and cracked. Im sure they can but apple wibs the trophy for cheap glass. Apples power isnt good build quality, it is brainwashing, and convincing almost anyone that all their products have superior build quality. When it may not always be the case.
    Compare an iphone to windows phone or android specs.
    It is a real joke. Sure it better integrated because the same manufacturer makes hw and sw, but it is extemely limited in its capabilities.
    No multitasking removable sd cards. No widgets no changing of launchers or keyboards chat clients. The furor only allows one app store.

    1. i agree totally but the average smartphone buyer doesn’t look at specs like we do. they have a herd mentality. so they look at the phone that they friends, co-workers, guy at kinkos, etc have and years ago when android was just starting out it was the iphone. they are status symbols and they think owning one means you are elite. so now people will buy one knowing that they were once the craze and top selling phone, so they live in the past and buy a phone thats outdated and underpowered to retain that feeling of being superior.

      1. If anyone has a superiority complex it’s you.. Get over yourself please

        1. Um ok?… you know I was defending Android right?

          1. And I’m defending iOS users. We ain’t all like what you are stereotyping. I don’t feel superior for owning an iPhone. I threw it back at you because android users are the ones who claim superiority and seem to have a similar fanboy mentality but are too blind to see it. Some of you are outright rabid

          2. 1. Please don’t come at me disrespectful again or I’ll be forced to embarrass you. My statement was vague but I didn’t imply all iPhone owners felt superior. You must have taken my comment personally. So I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I’m not hurt about your fanboy comment and saying Android users have the feeling of superiority now because I’m not like that. So you must be one of the people I described and like anyone who is called out you respond with ignorance. Lol but I agree some Android users have the superiority complex too. Had a guy show off his nexus 5 to me like I cared.

          3. I will apologize for my first comment. That was hasty and mean. I am sorry for that :p

            The guy above kinda set me off and I took it out on you. But no I don’t buy apple for herd mentality and honestly nobody I know does so it comes off as a untrue stereotype. I won’t deny that people like that exist though I just don’t think the numbers are as great as y’all think

          4. I think that it is an outdated stereotype for iPhone users. I just remember when they were $700 and how people that had one would show it off and brag about it. Any party you went to it was a guy with an iPhone and they always acted like a douche. Lupe Fiasco said it best… “conspicuous consumption. Which means it serves no other function but to show off to someone.”

          5. AWWWW!! LET’S ALL HUG AND BE FRIENDS! :). Mark seems to always find a way to weasle out of a sticky situations at the end. Don’t be fooled his craftiness (just kidding). With his humble approach, he argues an argument you feel bad to argue with.

          6. And apology accepted. I believe that Android and iOS users can live side by side but it’s the fanboys on both sides blinded by the brand that reinforce the stereotypes.

          7. I agree that Android users have a similar fan-boy mentality as iphone users. However, this is an Android site that you are on, and your expressions on this Android site may give Android users the impression that you are a “Troll”. You don’t have to take on the masses to defend IOS users. Just simply go to an IOS site and you will be just fine, but dont forget to share that same compassion you have to be a “savior” and denfend us Android users as well.

          8. I’m not a troll and I am very aware of what site I’m on. I’m an open minded consumer with android devices in my household so therefore I feel I don’t need permission to read the articles here so I stay in the loop. I have consistently said this in my previous posts. I also read this site because I’m excited to see what phone htc is going to come out with next as I almost picked the one over the iPhone 5. And I can’t wait to read about it on phandroid. I listen to mobile roar every week too and think chris and Edgar are really cool guys and I look forward to that every week. Hopefully that clears up the ” troll ” accusations.

          9. “Oh Yea…Yea… well your stupid (I am just joking)!” Damn….I cant even debate your last comment. I really need to practice that “kill’em with kindness technique”. Seriously, your last comment was rational and deserves no quarrel. (Sigh) Fine…I take back my last comment. I don’t believe in being a bully.

          10. well said, and kudos to your grumpy cat avatar!

          11. * drops mic *

            LOL sorry couldnt resist :)

          12. LOL. Thanks for being humble.

    2. CNET had an article stating that the iphone 5c wasn’t selling as much because it doesn’t make people envious. i just shook my head.

    3. I agree, to a point. Apple just caters to a different clientele. I recently conviced my cousin to move to android. Honestly, she’s not a techie, so she is unhappy. She misses the simplicity of IOS. Also, you can’t deny Apple’s build quality.

      Some Apple fans are sheep, others, just prefer simple.

      I like to make my device my own, so I prefer android. Although I do miss the build quality of Apple.

  6. It’s this little thing called choice. What is your problem that you can’t accept that not everyone wants the same mobile OS than you? The fact that it ” disgusts you ” I find even more disturbing. If I spend $1 more for tide over gain laundry detergent does that disgust you? I like nissan cars and go to the same dealer when I need a new one. Does that disgust you?

    I hate big screens, I have no desire or interest in customizing or rooting my phone, and my iPhone works just fine and is fast enough for surfing the web and playing games. Please tell me why I need faster specs to do all of that? Why do I need android to do that? I tried an android phone once and took it back because most of the apps I have on iOS don’t exist on android.

    You people disturb me and you don’t realize your just as bad as apple fans , possibly even worse and if it’s not android it sucks and should go out of business. Do you have any idea how much of an a-hole that makes you sound? That you can’t respect a persons right to choose a product they are happy with without hurling insults like dumb American or not tech Savy?

    Get over yourselves please. I think it’s cool you like your phone and wish you the best with it. Why can’t you do the same?

    Edit: this was a response to modmans anti apple user rant, didn’t reply in the right place lol

    1. Apple shmaple…use whats more comfortable for you.

  7. 10 million shipments not sales

    1. Yep… just wait for the return-rate to spike up once consumers turn it on and realize the sales rep was wrong when he said “It’s just like an iPad, just cheaper!”

      1. Have you used this device? The iPad can not do half of this powerhouse can do. I am sure the reports of Note 3 return rate can be found. I seriously doubt it will high due to the sales record.

  8. For more detail about Samsung Galaxy Note please check my site: http://productchart.eu/?id=109&action=detail

  9. Return rate ill never return my nexus 7 . I didnt pay over 500 dollars for it because im not an i douche. I can troubleshoot problems, my galaxy note 8 has useful features it isn’t an overpriced stinkpad. Retina display and air tablet. Apple is really out of ideas. Galaxy note is useful i can take freehand notes for my it job, i take down ip addresses and notes on the fly. Apple copied amazon and nook color and made a 7 inch because a 7 inch reasonably priced tablet started to beat apples behind.
    You need apple to troubleshoot and fix things for you because you lack the ability to think for yourself.
    The only company that can steals and claim they create things, and sue the rest of the world for stealing things they themselves stole from them. And gets away with it,
    Rooting is a choice, android is full with choices. I see you are afraid of choices. Apple is primarilly used by the computer illiterate with few exceptions. Narrow minded people like you shoukd stick with it.
    And stupid ifools like you believe it. Im a computer Engineer the high end android tablets are cheaper and better built than apple.
    Microsoft invented tablets not apple,lg invented turning the sound down around you,motorolla invented finger print id. Apple is a Fraud and a thief I never bought anything from them, and I never will. Apple is so innovative they removed calling from a phone. Ooh now we have an ipod and a giant oversized ipod an ipad.


  10. LOVE MY GN3! The best device hands down…PERIOD!

  11. No that’s 10 million in sales, not shipments and returns…..not likely. After I got mine four of my staff converted from iphones to N3’s. Soon to be 6 in total.

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