LG proves the QWERTY isn’t dead as F3Q leaks for T-Mobile



The physical QWERTY keyboard will live to see another day thanks to LG. Their upcoming F3Q handset for T-Mobile has leaked, revealing what looks to be a midrange handset along the lines of the LG Optimus F3. That device landed with the carrier earlier this year.

The Optimus F3 features a 4-inch display at 800×480 resolution, dual-core processor, and 5MP camera. The F3Q looks to be more of the same, save for the addition of a five-row QWERTY keyboard.

[via @evleaks]

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  1. looks like a device with low ram that probably won’t be running kit kat

    1. Google designed Kit Kat for phones with as little as half a gig of ram. Oh contraire.

      1. i think he was making 2 separate statements. like “it wont be running kit kat” and “it also has a low amount of ram.” i would assume the contrary if he had typed “looks like a device that probably won’t be running kit kat because it has such low ram. Could be wrong though. Either way, your both right. Crappy phone that will likely have something like 4.1 and never get an update past that…perhaps 4.3 if its lucky.

        it probably does only have a half a gig of ram. So it could perhaps run kit-kat. But if it only meets the min req then maybe it shouldn’t. ever play a video game with the lowest possible specs?….usually a crud experience. Half the features are not there, get annoying lag randomly, and the graphics need to be turned WAYYYY down.

        just my .02

  2. While I’d prefer to see a device with better specs, I’m glad to see at least LG doesn’t think the qwerty is dead.

  3. Why won’t a company trust that their power users who want a version of their best device with a QWERTY instead of an older outdated model? My 2.5 year old QWERTY has an 8MP camera and is dual core.

    1. Agreed, a high-end physical QWERTY is really needed.

    2. It’s a funny little thing called “demand.”

      1. Every phone is the same these days. Minimal differences exist on the fringes of processor speed, screen size, and RAM. @ratnok:disqus – is there really demand for a phone with 2 year old specs/low end? (I will concede there might not be much high end demand either.)

      2. hmm so that explains the Galaxy Gear?

      3. There was this interesting guy named Steve Jobs who sold a phone that became popular when there was no demand for keyboardless phones. He also said, “people don’t know what they want” to paraphrase.

  4. qwerty with higher specs and maybe we have a deal, otherwise back to the drawing boards.

  5. Can one of the admins make it so this guy can’t post here? He/she/it constantly posts troll comments. I don’t come here to see people like “appul luver” troll.

    To feed their fire: If apple is so great, where is swipe your gesture typing?

    1. you don’t have a bit of humor in your life :|
      i guess you dont get proper sleep ,must be reading too many comments on the internet all day i guess

  6. Bummer… I’ve been looking for a replacement for my HTC G2 for sometime… hoping to get QWERTY with decent specs… (current high-end phones are good, but UI experiences are a buzz kill when you have big fingers always having to “fix” auto-correct mistakes)

  7. wonder if anyone would ever make a 5inch+ one, the bigger keys and keyboard might be helpful to those still wanting to use one of these

    1. IDK about that. I mean a 4 inch Qwerty phone is pretty big. But I think I could get used to it. But imagine the keyboard when you open it.

      Well… I have a 3DS, so I’m already used to things like that. Thinking about that, I don’t think that would be a bad idea.

      I would love to see a Qwerty HTC One. =.D

      1. yea a phablet, with a built-in keyboard could be a currently untapped market :)

  8. I really hope we see a Motorola Google G3 with a QWERTY.

    1. Droid 5 qwerty running maxx specs or at least moto x internals for the greatest device ever

    2. Yes!! But I prefer HTC to make it since they’re the ones who has been making it.

  9. T-Mobile?!? Not everyone is using T-Mobile, you know…

    I’d want a QWERTY, but an outdated device and only on T-Mobile? I’d have to ditch my high-end phone and change carrier to get this. Not happening!

    1. This phone is already available on Verizon as the LG Enact, except in CDMA obviously.

  10. “QWERTY isn’t dead as F3Q leaks for T-Mobile???” The specs they put are long dead.. Does that mean that QWERTY phones are zombies?

  11. Awesome. I always loved a good slider. Specs are low but it’ll be a budget phone surely. Many consumers don’t care about specs. Most reading this blog would care. So.. Not for us.

  12. Just ditched my old QWERTY phone, Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G, one of the last great power-QWERTY phones.

    1. You’ve seemed to have forgotten about the HTC G2.

      1. htc g2 was the same hardware as the evo shift.


  13. Droid 4 is old and it beats this…

    1. IKR!? A part of me was thinking the same thing.

  14. this is hardly life…

  15. Come on man make a nice QWERTY Android phone and people will buy it. Any old Qwerty phone will match or surpass these lame specs

  16. The moment I saw mid-range, I stopped reading. This is why people aren’t buying Qwerty phones. They’re friggin’ midrange. Dafuq Ima do with a 480p screen?

    HTC needs to come out with the HTC G3 before LG takes the name G3.

  17. Feels like it is attacking the moto g

  18. I want a DROID HDQ! Q meaning qwerty! But with same high end specs and same screen as the other ones! I haven’t used a qwerty phone in a while but I really miss having one! Maybe Galaxy S5 with an option of a qwerty keyboard!

  19. Why bother with this one??

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