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If you own an Android phone, it’s highly unlikely that Bing is your search engine of choice. So how will Microsoft lure users into downloading their app? With the ability to automatically change your wallpaper to Bing’s image of the day. The functionality introduced in version 4.2.0 of the app mirrors the capabilities of Bing’s Windows Phone equivalent.

Along with daily wallpapers, the app does see a bit of a redesign in case you were considering entering a search term or two. Hey, not everyone is trying to get scroogled.

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  1. Wait, are we supposed to give a sh*t about this?

  2. Yeah, I don’t see this as a big lure for people using Android.

  3. yay wallpapers , what is this 1999?

    1. Yet that’s one of the complaints for wp from android and iphone users like you.

    2. You’re saying you don’t have a wallpaper on your phone? What are you, 99?

  4. Someone needs to make a game based on when Ballmer threw a chair across the room. Angry Ballmer sounds like a good name. That might interest me in a Microsoft app.

    1. LOL! The only one who got “Scroogled” is Microsoft because Google is chipping away at their customers.

  5. I don’t care much for the search engine but Bing Maps is actually a great product. I use it when planning hiking trips because they have many trails on the map, labeled with the names too. Very cool feature and something that Google Maps doesn’t seem to support. I know Google Maps has been updated recently though so maybe this isn’t such an exclusive feature for Bing anymore.

    1. I wish that Bing Maps was as good as Google Maps. The lack of detailed imagery has let me down so many times. Right now particularly they just yanked a bunch of low level imagery I was counting on and now I’m left high and dry. They have not invested in the imagery like Google has.

  6. Why aren’t you over at iSource Kevin Krause?

  7. Bing? What’s that?

  8. I’d rather get scrogled than binged in the a$$

  9. A new Bing wallpaper every day?! Wow! Or… How about a beautiful wallpaper every 5 minutes (or longer) with Chainfire’s “500 Firepaper” app. I love it. Switched to it on all my devices.

  10. Hiii kevin,
    thanks for the share, its a nice news for all the android users,

  11. I cant find the option to set wallpaper automatically. Can anyone help me on this?

    1. There’s an icon on the bottom of Bing with a square and an arrow pointing to it. It will allow you to set the image as the wallpaper. I don’t know yet if it will automatically changed, as I just downloaded Bing.

  12. It doesnt change automatically. Help please??

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