Will Samsung release a phone with a fingerprint scanner next year?



Apple has done it, so you can expect pretty much everyone else to follow sooner or later. The latest report out of Reuters suggests the Korean electronics manufacturer will look to create a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner at some point in 2014. Fingerprint Cards’ CEO Johan Carlstrom let that much slip, noting that his company hoped to be one of the players OEMs looked to for components and development for the fingerprint scanners.

We are obviously taking the report with a grain of salt, but it wouldn’t be difficult to believe such a thing is in the works. HTC didn’t take long to get on the fingerprint bandwagon with the launch of the HTC One Max, and other OEMs have been talking up the use of the technology in upcoming devices for quite some time.

Fingerprint scanners provide another layer of security that many paranoid security buffs will appreciate, but most companies will want to find a way to differentiate their own solutions for purposes of marketing. HTC’s One Max does this with the ability to launch into different apps depending on which finger is scanned. It will take that level of innovation and ingenuity for companies to make consumers believe that their fingerprint scanner is the bee’s knees compared to the competition.

If Samsung does, in fact, introduce a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner next year, it’s not a foregone conclusion that it would be available to us in the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the next Galaxy Note. Samsung typically introduces new features in off-shoot devices, such as the metal chassis of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, the optical zoom lens inside the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, and the curved body of the Samsung Galaxy Round.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see something like a “Samsung Galaxy Swipe” or some other weird device launched with the purpose of testing out the technology. We’re getting a bit too far ahead of ourselves, though — we’re not even 100% sure that this will come to fruition.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Please don’t…

    1. I agree David.

    2. How about hairline detection.. badum.. tsss

      1. For Lebron, that might be useful, or depressing. Maybe both.

  2. come on Quentyn!! you sound like an apple fan and like they were the first to do the fingerprint scanner… come on lol.

    1. Apple wasn’t the first of course, but you can’t argue you that they didn’t popularize it.

      1. True but you can’t argue that the statement I commented on didn’t seem to imply Apple did it first.

    2. I didn’t say they were first, I said they did it.

      “Apple has done it, so you can expect pretty much everyone else to follow sooner or later.”

      It’s typical for the industry to follow in Apple’s footsteps after they’ve done something, even if they weren’t the first to do that “something.”

      1. And I didn’t say you said they did it first.

        1. I didn’t say you didn’t say that I did say that they… wait, I’m lost.

          1. Confusing eh lol. All peace and love man.

  3. Lol! “Apple did it…” Don’t you hate when the pretty yet vapid girl shows up at the party and gets all the attention? Sorry Moto Atrix, your moment was brief but the popular girl is here now.

    And ‘metal chassis’ on an Active? Where? My Active is just as plastic as any other Samsung.

  4. patents filling have said Samsung is coming with eye scanning instead

  5. Can’t really say I see the point. Is there a way to make the fingerprint scanner the only way of getting in to the phone? On the atrix it required a 4 digit pin in case your finger wasn’t working.

    1. They all have password/pin backup.

  6. Please don’t. It’s a gimmick. Go with iris recognition that doesn’t require you to swipe your finger.

    1. The problem with iris recognition is the same problem with facial recognition… when you’re in a dark room it doesn’t work.

  7. Hope not! No interest in this. I don’t see how it increases security to have a digital copy of your finger print out in the wild. Passwords can change, stolen phones can be wiped, but once someone gets a hold of your finger prints its game over.

  8. I don’t really care if Apple did it first, I would still like to see this technology. Right now I can’t be bothered to have a lockscreen since I can’t stand having to use a password. A fingerprint scanner would be quicker and more convenient. It may not be flawless security, but it certainly would be better than nothing.

    1. Bet it wouldn’t be quick enough. Bet you would still opt for no Lockscreen.

      1. maybe but it’s nice to have options :)

    2. They didnt do it first, my atrix had this 2 years before Apple.

      1. And Compaq had it in 2002!

  9. I didnt read the article…i just read the title…so i came here simply to comment…and say LOL

  10. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything. But I will not be buying any phone that can feed my fingerprint to uncle Sam, or anyone else for that matter.

    1. So it’s okay if they track you 100% of the time, know every call and text you make, read your emails, and track every search you do or webpage you visit, but your fingerprints — which can easily be lifted from nearly every surface you touch — is off limits.

      Thanks for that brave stance.

      1. I don’t care if they track my phone or Internet activity…I have nothing to hide. Leaving fingerprints behind doesn’t mean anything if your fingerprint isn’t in a database to be matched with.

        1. I think they took mine in 3rd grade when all the student got to visit the police station for our “field trip”

          1. Well you deserve to be tortured in Guantanamo Bay if you were stupid enough to let them do that in 3rd grade! :/

            Seriously, what is having your fingerprints in a matchable database going to do if you “don’t have anything to hide”? I don’t get it…

      2. What are you talking about? Nobody is going to follow you around to get your fingerprints, smart guy. But if they already have it in some system because you volunteered them, I guarantee you’d better not do anything bad after that, or even be in the same place as where something bad happened, or you’ll be getting a “visit”.

    2. Sorry but if you are worried about privacy and the government don’t ever us a computer. I just assume everything I do can be found out.

      1. I’m not worried about digital privacy. I’m not a predator or terrorist or anything, so I honestly don’t care if Google or the NSA knows that I visited Barnes&Noble and Walmart, and searched for a new couch on yesterday. Having your fingerprint in a database that is instantly searchable makes you vulnerable in a different way.

  11. i can’t help but ask, but what was the purpose of this article again?

  12. such a stupid thing…yeah all i need is the ability for my girl to just press my finger against my phone while im sleeping to sit there n enjoy herself snoopin n searching through every crevice of my phone…some “level of security” that is…blow me apple/htc/and now samsung with your gimmicks

    1. Lol I would rethink my taste in women if you’ve got one that snoopish it won’t end well later down the road. :p

      1. well…its prob my own fault…so its every woman i deal with

    2. Because you re forced to even run the app once yourself? Dont think so.

      1. i..dont even know how to respond to this…so yeah hope yours days going well!

  13. I have no need for a fingerprint scanner on a phone.
    It is a waste.

    1. seems like a “cool” idea to “show off” to friends like face unlock but it ends up being another gimmick. has google even done anything with that gimmick since it was first introduced with the gnex?

  14. Motorola had this on atrix a long tiime ago. It was working well. Apple just copied android again!

  15. It’s yesterday history. Nothing new about fingerprint for Android. It’s been done with Atrix. Apple copied it and calls it their innovative invention, LAME!!!!

  16. Apple can do the one thing moto, htc and Samsung can’t. integrate it into the OS for password storage that apps can universally access via an API. no code for mint, just swipe. no code for banking apps, twitter, etc. sign in to your account once, enable finger print access and let OS manage the rest.

    apple can build this into their API and accessible to all app developers with no extra work on the part of the user. while OEMs would need to publish multiple key storage APIs for each platform and have developers rebuild their apps to use them. former seems easy, later seems unlikely.

    OEMs need a Google/Android assist here.


  17. Eye scanning is better because:
    Touch ID on Apple’s iPhone 5s is losing accuracy over time for some users.

  18. I don’t give two shits about a fingerprint scanner. Look how easy it was to get passed Apple’s as soon as it launched.

  19. Out of principle I hope they don’t use a fingerprint scanner and opt for the eye scanner that was rumoured. The fingerprint scanner is a lame gimmick that doesn’t work.

  20. The question is why? I’d rather allot these resources to other projects.

  21. Eat it Quen.

  22. Tbh, this is so pointless.

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