HTC One successor could launch as early as February, according to UK Judge


HTC One Google Edition vs Sense

Rumors surrounding the followup to the HTC One have circling the net these past weeks. With the future of HTC on somewhat shaky ground, some have been wondering on the timing of such a sequel — could HTC be planning to release a full fledged sequel sooner than the usual 12 month time frame? Or might a sequel get pushed back down the calendar in order to give the HTC One Max and One Mini a better chance to gain additional market share?

Revealed in the aftermath of HTC’s legal battle with Nokia (over, what else, but patents), some newly discovered court documents are giving us a better idea on what HTC could have planned. According to a ruling published by High Court Judge Richard Arnold, a followup to the HTC One could be released in the UK as early as February or March of next year.

While the 1 year anniversary of the original HTC One (March) sounds like a no brainer, you may remember that the device was actually delayed in most parts of the globe due to supply constraints. If HTC could manage to churn out a sequel as early as February — getting the jump on the Samsung Galaxy S5 — it might put them in a better spot than last year’s fiasco.

It should be noted that this information still isn’t 100% solid and like most things corporate, is subject to change. But given this judge was presented with evidence not disputed by HTC, that ultimately lead to his ruling, he’d know better than anyone. For those sitting on an upgrade and are looking for a new smartphone this holiday season, you now have a new date worth considering.

[via BBC]

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  1. Only thing horrible about this is stupid 2 year contracts and the $599 unbound price =/. I’m sure the HTC Two will be even more amazing than it’s predecessor.

    1. From what I’ve seen from the “leaked specs”, it might be more like an iPhone _s iteration with better processor, slightly tweaked camera, and improved software.

      I think the HTC One was damn near perfect, and there’s little they can do to improve it at this point. Certainly not as big of a jump from the One X to the One.

      1. Makes sense… All that you can do to make the current HTC One better was to put a better camera, processor, and 3 GB’s of RAM to top it off.

        Either way, I’d still be jealous of the lucky motherlover that gets it.

        1. I have a great idea for Christmas, I think we should love each other’s mothers. O_o

          1. Hmm… Hard pass on that idea.

      2. Yep. Sadly, I’ll likely end up like the iFans and burn a Jump! upgrade on it, even though I already own a One.

        Either that or I’ll pay it off and get the new one on payments so in the unlikely event I don’t like it I can always go back to the One.

        It’s the first time I’ve ever been in the situation where I am not looking for the next device and am also *very* hesitant about risking losing it on a trade-up program.

      3. They can improve on the marketing and stay very very far away from the S5. either extremely early or 3-4 months after the S5. I would go after considering how poorly htc rolls out their products. I’m guessing the rumor and leaks for the S5 will start very soon. That would be enough for people to do a wait and see and ignore htc.

    2. My Tmobile Jump is ready in January. =.D

      1. Yup.

        Not sure I’d want to risk losing my One on a trade-up though, just in case the successor turns out to be buggy or they mess with the quick settings tiles which I consider to be just about damn near perfect at this point. At the very least a dang sight better than Google’s done with them…

        1. The stuff you’re worried about can be reviewed before getting it. I wasn’t going to just get it right when it comes out. That’s a smart move, though. Never get the first batch… of anything.

      2. But is your bawdy ready?

    3. I’m hoping it’s actually not called the HTC Two…

      1. it could be called the HTC Like or the HTC Tweet

  2. I would buy the HTC Two if it it looked identical to the One. All it needs is a bigger battery! Smaller bezels wouldn’t hurt either though.

    1. The M8 (speculation of One successor) is to have 5″ 1080p display with Snapdragon 800 and 2 GB of RAM.

  3. Two things kept me from getting the One. So many good things about it. But the horrible camera (yes i said horrible…unlike some people i do post editing on my computer..i print..i do other things with photos then look on a tiny phone screen..and when blown up, the htc one camera resolution is bad), and the lack of removable battery. They fix both of those, and theyd pull me away from samsung. Specially with the front facing stereo speakers.

    1. But they won’t fix it…. Dude.

      For me to consider the HTC One #2, they’d have to add a removable battery, microSDXC slot, reduce the bezel, fix the camera, and get rid of the buttons. Keep the FF speakers, and they’re in the running.

      1. 1. Not gonna happen.
        2. Not gonna happen.
        3. Maybe.
        4. Maybe.
        5. Probably not gonna happen.

  4. A sequel to a successful phone could be released almost a year after the original? Shocking! Great investigative reporting!

  5. Me want it, me want it right now!

  6. Sounds good, I really need to upgrade my phone and hTC ONE successor is what I am looking at right now, the M8!

  7. The HTC two

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